What’s your unpopular LV opinion?

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  1. Prices of luxury items are based on perceived value, not actual, material value. Everyone knows that!

  2. What bag is this?? It’s gorgeous!
  3. I like vachetta leather and wish they would bring back the all vachetta collection... particularly the noe and mini noe.

    For now, I'm enjoying the Madewell poor woman's version:
  4. The Pochette Métis is overrated. Own it, like it, plan to keep it (at least for now), but yeah ... it’s not the bee’s knees.
  5. My personal observation is that the canvas lines are getting poorer in quality. I only trust the leather lines for good quality.
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  6. Well I didn't.
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  7. Glad I could help. :lol:
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  8. I don’t like the Neverfull and think it’s super overrated, but I’m also not a tote bag person. It’s just a big open bag. I get that it’s sturdy and holds a ton, and maybe I’d change my mind if I had a kid and needed it for more practical reasons, but style wise, I’ve never seen one person carrying it where I thought it looked especially good. And i see them everywhere. Just no style to them!
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  9. This is such a thoughtful and accurate post, and I agree with most of it. Yet the funny thing is I still love LV. Having found a wonderful CA has made all the difference in the world. With regard to the comment about LV losing its identity and trying to please too many people I can certainly see why it would appear this way. So many styles and designs, and more coming every month. I think even the CAs can’t keep track of them all. However, the silver lining is that for certain clients, there is a higher chance of finding something that works for their life and purpose. For example I love the IDEA of Hermes. But their bags styles don’t work for my life and price point don’t work for my budget. I need smallish, relatively light functional bags that allow for crossbody carrying and I’m leaning much more toward leather pieces now. The mini Lindy in Togo is the closest thing but the price and the availability are deterrents. And I can’t even try on the bag. And because LV comes up with so many styles I have discovered bags that I like that I never thought I would. They challenge me and make me think (and wonder?) sometimes. But this is supposed to be about an unpopular opinion. So yeah. Never understood the how people can stuff a Neverfull. Wouldn’t that skinny strap kill your shoulder? It’s probably my problem only. Bony shoulders with a nerve problem and a Neverfull do not mix.
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  10. I can never understand the hype about LV limited products. Most of the items will be on display somewhere shortly after a launch. To me exclusive is custom made to order not mass produced. My observation comparing Chanel to LV at least with Chanel you can see exactly what store ordered a product and the quantity. With LV that sort after item good luck even with prepaying for the item there is no guarantee your order will be fulfilled. I actually laugh out loud when a new collection drops and people are going crazy for certain products.
  11. LV is now that entry into luxury handbags, just like the way Coach used to be. I am amazed how un-customer service like some of their SA's are. LV needs to step up to the plate as people can easily wait and save their money for other luxury purchases. I get the price and demand for LV, but I walked away from a part canvas/leather handbag due to quality and price.

    I was very dissed with the 2019 Christmas Animation collection and how I could not order over the phone. I ran around to all the local boutiques within 60 mile radius and had to experience a not good feeling. I get that was a limited item. An LV Customer Service agent told me... those are on reserve and "offered" to LV clients.

    Hmmm.. so LV is getting up on their high horse (LOL)!!!??? Okay bae... BYE!
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  12. At one store they were displaying some of the limited christmas pieces but wouldn't allow you to buy them. What was the point of doing that?
  13. I’d love a PM in taurillon leather. I’d sell one of my kids for that.
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  14. It’s the Sophia Coppola slim clutch in gold :heart:
  15. Lol. May you find that which you seek and wear it in good health!
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