What’s your unpopular LV opinion?

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  1. Just a fun discussion thread (not meant to offend anyone!) idea that came into my head today.

    A very close friend and I had a long discussion on LV today, and we found that we both hold two (fairly strong and opposing) opinions that are mostly not shared by others.

    For her, she really dislikes the monogram canvas because she thinks it’s too showy (I don’t agree :biggrin:, since almost all my LV is mono) and in your face. Her personal preference is Damier Azur, since she is also quite fair and it looks nice against her skin.

    I don’t feel strongly about the material (canvas/leather, which print etc) but I really don’t like the Neverfull, I know it’s an iconic bag but I hate the fact that it doesn’t have a zip and also that it has become so ubiquitous (I guess I just like being a “special snowflake” type who has stuff that is different from the rest). She actually has a DA NF, so she disagrees with me :biggrin:

    So after our spirited (but all in good fun) discussion I thought I’d open it up to the community - also it will be interesting to see if the “unpopularity” of our opinions is really true or if we will find many people to agree with us :biggrin:
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    I guess i can chime in saying I’m not into neverfulls either. A bit too casual for my taste and totes are just not my style as a whole . I also could do without the pouch. I would only use it for travel overnight. Unless i had the tahitienne print because that one was amazing!

    Edit to add: out of all the canvas prints, i would pick monogram. I own a lot of azur products and i find that I’m very picky and scared when using them. I personally feel certain bags have certain prints that just look better. Ex. Favorite =monogram alma bb= ebene
  3. I’m not a neverfull girl. I own only one big tote & use it only occasionally on heavy load days. I considered a nice LV tote for my work laptop but decided to use my inexpensive Jason Wu for Target tote for my laptop & just carry my normal bags to work. I just don’t love the Neverfull & when I worked in the city I saw a DE neverfull or multiple of them literally every single day.

    I think my unpopular opinion would be opposite your friend - I don’t & have never liked DE. I don’t own any DE nor do I want to. I have one DA speedy but wish it was mono even though almost all my LV is mono.
  4. I would agree - this is my unpopular opinion too. DE has never done anything for me. I do love DA though I only have the NF in DA. I also love the new blanc/noir Damier. But the ebene is a hard no for me.

    Love this thread - interesting to read others differing thoughts. If we all loved the same bags, life would be boring!
  5. This thread will probably turn ugly before it’s over with, it shouldn’t, but.....

    I don’t like the neverfulls. In my opinion they just look like an oversized expensive beach bag that everyone owns. Perhaps the neverfulls are functional but in my opinion more workhorse than stylish. I really like DE I find the print to be less in your face so more a polished discreet style. To me the monogram style doesn’t “fit in” as well everywhere, it can seem to flashy at times. The DA print honestly I have never seen it age well or least not any of the bags I have owned. Maybe I don’t baby it enough.
    I really like the smooth leathers best with little hardware Like the capucines, or lockits, for example.
  6. I don’t like vachetta leather. Others adore the patina. That was easy. Lol
  7. 1. I don’t like the Neverfull. I like interior print but the straps are way too thin and it’s gapping open. Like someone already said, an overpriced “beach bag”
    2. I don’t like the Pochette Metis. It reminds me of a briefcase from the 80s. I don’t understand it’s popularity.
    3. I don’t understand the popularity of key pouches or mini PA either. It’s so small. I’d rather spend an extra $50-$100 for something more useful.
  8. All of these.

    I don’t understand all the obsession with SLG’s all of a sudden, when I was active on TPF no one would bat an eye at a mini pochette or pochette cles. Must be a result of LV creating a sense of scarcity.

    I don’t like the Pochette Métis because it’s a lesser version of the Monceau which is more square and MORE briefcase like, so we dislike the Pochette Métis for different reasons!

    I actually don’t consider the Neverfull an iconic bag...the Speedy is an icon but the Neverfull was released what...2007? I think its popularity is partially because it’s an easy to use tote that fits into many people’s budget. I have a Catogram Neverfull and love it, but I would never own a plain Neverfull. It’s really not me. But cats are me, so the Catogram Neverfull is a natural fit :biggrin:

    Another potentially unpopular opinion: LV should stick to canvas. It’s what it’s known for. I just wouldn’t spend the kind of $$ required to buy a Capucines (For example, which I do not like), but I would buy a Petite Malle or petite Boite Chapeau.

    LV Twist - not a fan at all and no idea why people like the weird closure which doesn’t even remind me of LV.

    I hope we remain respectful of each other though - totally OK if you are fans of any or all of th e above and find what I love appalling! :biggrin:
  9. I don't like the mono full stop or the DE. Both with 2 ugly brown colours. DA is great - goes well if you like wearing a lot of white, i like the black version of the Damier, goes with everything. The brown mono is just the ugliest brown i ever saw. I have 2 epi leathers and will stick to that. I love the leather products esp the embossed range - they are all nice. I fell in love with a yellow suede onatah and still lust after it. Havent pulled the trigger yet.
    I don't mind the NF. if you need a big bag then its just the thing. i dont have one - maybe i'll get one in epi.
    I really don't understand the thought process behind the full LV collection with no other brands, eps when majority of it is mono. I have about 25 bags from about 8 different brands. Its good to have the choice of different leathers and colours and styles when i need it.
  10. I'm not a fan of empreinte. It looks rubbery to me.
  11. I don't get the hype with this new "Scam" Bag. To me, it just looks like a round coin purse, pochette accessoire, and mini pochette with a strap :huh:.
  12. I think today's LV is not that far from being fast fashion for rich people with all the trendy new styles, collections and collaborations. Sorry. :flowers:
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  13. You are so right! You could walk in to any boutique and be assured that any SLG you wanted would be in stock. Stalking a pochette is the new reality, but no one every talked about SLGs this way even 5 years ago. I remember walking into boutiques in Dallas and buying Multicolore like it was no big deal.
  14. I think you're right. Bums me out. Except there have alway been collaborations, as far as I know, but now it's all about scarcity now.
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  15. Omg yes, the tahitienne print was just amazing! I would’ve loved to get my hands on something but it all sold out super fast. I think my favourite would’ve been one of the small bags or shoes in tahitienne.