What's your Goyard wishlist?

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  1. Just bought a Boeing 45 in black. Now want the Boeing 55 as well.
  2. I know this is an old post, but I saw a woman with an Orange St. Louis pm as well. She was wearing an orange top and she looked fabulous!!
  3. Voltaire in black/black or an Ambassade black/black
  4. I have a card holder and billfold in black w/ black trim but really want more. I would love to one day have the following all in black w/ black trim

    Passport holder
    Croisiere 45
    St. Bleu messenger (not sure which size)
    A bracelet and gloves (if they do them of course)

    I would like a cardholder in crocodile but I am undecided as it would cost £1000

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  5. St. Louis pm in grey
  6. St. Louis PM black / black
  7. Bois in classic black
  8. I just got an Orange St Louis (GM) and now I really want the navy in the GM size too.
  9. Boeing 55. I am considering getting rid of my keepall in favor of the Boeing!
  10. Is it called the Artois? The one that you can get from Paris and has an automatic monogram? Looks kinda like a St.Louis PM, slightly smaller with a zipper up to? Regardless, that one in grey with red monogramming please and thanks!! :smile:
  11. Planning on investing in some SLG's:

    - Senat Mini as a card and coin case. Probably in a special color like light blue or green.
    - Grenelle passport case in black
  12. great idea to use the mini for cards. i can't wait to see the pictures.
  13. I'd really like a senat pouch - not sure what size. Heading to Paris in two weeks and hoping to grab one!
  14. Same here in one week! Can't wait to get my mini Senat. I'm leaning towards black to match my Voltaire, but I will see when I am there! :biggrin:

    The GM size is hugeee! The GM is used most by men and the MM most by women, it looks very sophisticated! Did you already decide on the color? :smile:
  15. Voltaire in black - just saw in Bergdorf's [emoji7]
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