What's your Goyard wishlist?

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  1. Dear All,
    This is my first time replying but I have a pretty large collection of Goyard bags, I totally love them I started buying them at the San Francisco Boutique since they opened years ago !!!
    I always had the BEST customer service, I love going outside the store carrying my Goyard shopping bag with my new Goyard handbag inside !!!.
    I LOVE the fact that is the ONLY boutique in the US.

    No ofense but I rather buy from the free-standing boutique than a department store, it just gives me a different feeling and they are the only ones with a GOYARD PAINTING STUDIO.

    They have a totally new management and staff, it is really fresh and they are all nice and understanding.

    I even heard they are now in Twitter and Facebook as Goyard San Francisco.

    Here are some of the products I have
    croisiere 35, st louis pm burgundy, black, white, st louis gm yellow, fidji natural, sainte jeanne mm natural, navy wallet, red wallet, kios white, and my husband has lots of their wallets, he loves them !! he has mens classic wallet, billfold in sky blue, red, card case yellow, orange, black, wallet with coin pocket, card case with gusset green, etc.

    Please let me know your experience at the SF Store :smile:
  2. ^ Wow, what a great collection, marianis! By "natural" do you mean black with tan? Or perhaps brown? I don't know that I have ever seen a completely tan or flesh "natural" color Goyard... I think I'm misunderstanding you. Please explain!

    Thanks for sharing your experiences about the SF Goyard boutique and please make sure to visit more threads in the Goyard Forum!
  3. A yellow St. Louis PM
  4. A simple passport holder in black :smile:
  5. Ambassade
    Boeing 55

    Saving up! :biggrin:
  6. Since my husband just ordered my St. Louis PM, I guess my new wish list item is a wallet. I'm not sure which kind though. Anybody have a suggestion? I use checks, though not very often.

    I would also love a piece of luggage, but it's a little farther down on the list. I have a Chanel that I want to buy before that.:P
  7. I'm thinking next I need a Fidji...green? blue? I'd also like a messenger but the two I've seen have been a little to structured for my tastes.
  8. St Louis PM, Boeing, Croisere, Trolley, Agenda, Wallet! :smile:
  9. St Louis GM!
  10. Hmm how about everything at the Goyard boutique in SF?? :graucho: Okay..more specifically, I would love:
    - Boeing 55 in black/tan
    - St. Marie MM (flat zip case) in yellow or green
    - Zippe PM wallet in black or green
    - Fidji hobo in marine
    - St. Louis PM in yellow
  11. St. Louis...Not sure what size I have the GM NF....PM maybe too small rather pay the extra money to get the bigger one as well. Thats all for the moment... Either Green or Blue not sure about that either!
  12. I've seen a women with an orange st louis, and woww ! the colour was amazing, so my next buy will definitely be orange !!
  13. http://item.rakuten.co.jp/dreamshopping/gy-adimiroirgm33-bordau/

    I would love to have this pouch in burgundy, to use with my St Louis! Not sure how much it cost though.

    Another nice-to-have would be a zippy wallet in burgundy or red. I don't have the details of the size,compartments,price yet...still searching for it.
  14. ^^ Check out the wallet thread...there are pictures of both size zippy wallets. I'm not sure about your pouch, but the large zippy in red is about $900.
  15. A green bois clutch :love:
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