What's your Goyard wishlist?

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  1. Goyard artois in red with monogram near the zipper ImageUploadedByPurseForum1425958069.743217.jpg
  2. I think I'm just going to do black so I can keep it in my purses without colors clashing. Did you get yours?
  3. Black is for sure the best way to go then and the cheapest! :smile:
    Yes I did get mine! They had white, red, navy, black and black/tan in stock and I quickly narrowed it down to navy and black. Eventually went with black on black (see pic below), although I loved the navy. :smile:

    Schermafbeelding 2015-03-11 om 16.31.31.png
    The artificial light made it look very shine, but it's not that shiny in person. :smile:
  4. It's gorgeous. Did they make you monogram it? I thought I saw a post somewhere that it's now mandatory at the flagship store.
  5. Thanks! No I didn't monogram it. As far as I know it's only mandatory when you purchase the Artois bag. I bought my Voltaire in december 2014 and they didn't even ask me if I wanted monogramming. :smile:
  6. Voltaire in black/tan or a grand bleu
  7. St. Louis GM bordeaux
    St. Louis PM green
    Artois gray
    Vendome black
  8. The Artois in black/black red (match with the bag's stitches) monogram near zipper.
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