What's your Goyard wishlist?

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  1. Please post your current GOYARD wishlist here! Pictures allowed, of course.

    Because we all need a little more excruciatingly detailed, hand-painted, personalized goodness in our lives.

    Here's mine... plus commentary ;)

    Goyard Pouch PM in Yellow- this would make an adorable pencil case.

    Goyard Pouch GM in... Undecided- as a laptop case for a new laptop, as my current one is slowly but surely retreating to its sickbed.

    Goyard St. Honoré clutch in... Undecided- in the event that I need a chic evening bag, as I'm not a clutch kind of girl; but the Pochette Bois is so adorbs I may have to change my preferences.

    Goyard Knapsack MM in Black/Black- a totally unreasonable desire and I'm not quite sure why I am drawn to it, but I am. It's cute and quirky and I miss the knapsacks of elementary, middle, and high school.

    All wishlist items would be personalized with my initials, Purple on White.

    So who's next?
  2. Goyard St. Louis Tote - I'm leaning towards pm size. I'd love to find one resale so it's not quite as expensive though... We'll see if I can hold out.
  3. I would like the Marie Gallante GM, Commores, and I think I love the Jersey GM. I would love a Boeing for travel!

    In a perfect world I would also have the St. Honore Clutch, a Bois Clutch, and a set of stackable hard suitcases in each color or 3 antique trunks stacked up as a corner peice in my foyer!
  4. I recently purchased a GM pouch in black. I use it in the office to carry my notebook, pen, phone, meeting notes etc. It's so handy to have and I wonder now how I survived without it. I will take some photos for the reference library thread.

    On my wishlist is:
    1. Sac Vendome in Black.
    2. St Louis GM, possibly in black, brown or red. I wish I could make up my mind so that I could go ahead and buy the one that I want - but just when I think I've decided, I change my mind again. :blush:
  5. I am very tempted on the GM pouch too for my macbook. Just not sure it there's enough padding for protection though..Other wishlist is:

    1. St.Louis GM in blk/tan with some new symbols
    2. Saigon MM or GM in black
  6. annalcg, I should have also mentioned that the square style pouch is not being made any more in favour of a more curved style pouch that was released a couple of months ago. (At least that is my understanding when making my recent purchase. I may have misunderstood and they may still be making both.)

    I have some pictures of the new style that I will uploade a bit later. I think one of the photos that I have of it is also in brown (to help satisfy your curiosity about brown!). :smile:
  7. Yey! I'm looking forward to it. I also heard about the curved pouch, but that was awhile ago. When I went to Barney's yesterday to pick up my new little one, they still had a selection of the square ones. Ah well... I hope the square ones stay!

    Either way, Goyard can pretty much make anything special order so... I suppose I shouldn't make a fuss if the square style disappears :amuse:
  8. Hmmmm right now I want...

    The St.Louis PM in Blue or green

    A checkbook cover (Even though I don't own checks lol! I will get some if I get this)
  9. Here's a picture of the curved pouch, the Sénat.


    I have the tear sheets for both the Sénat and the Sainte Marie (the square pouch). If you want them to send them to you via e-mail, just let me know. (Unfortunately they are in PDF documents and I can't attach them to PMs.)
  10. I want a St. Louis PM in White, I adore the color combination with grey dots. Then I'd like something in dark blue, maybe a wallet. And finally I'd like to get the Urbain Messenger in black that I wanted three years ago, but wasn't in stock
  11. I want everything!! But my next purchase will be an agenda and a pouch if I can find them in a colors that I like.
  12. ^ Thanks so much, Mette!
  13. I would love to buy a Jeanne MM but I won't shop at the store near me anymore due to their customer service. :sad:
  14. ^^ Try Barney's. I've had excellent customer service there.
  15. I also want another Fidji. Black or light blue
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