What's Inside Your LV?

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  1. LOVE that little passport bag, how cute! Just found some on Poshmark for $5-10 :smile: I am not familiar with Ipsy though.
    (And of course your LV and Chanel are great!)
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  2. Thanks! Ipsy is a $10 makeup subscription where you get about 5 items and a little bag each month. I do it for a few months and then pause it every once in awhile. It's a fun cheap way to try new makeup products. :smile:
  3. This is inside my bag currently....lol
    Graceful MM DE

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  4. is that a bag organiser inside? love it
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  5. A little bag spill of my DE FAvorite MM
    Bag spill.jpg
    Top to Bottom:
    - Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder in the color (1) Fair
    - Key Fob
    - Ray Ban Sunglasses, the Erika Classic style
    - Marc Jacobs Lipgloss in the color (302) Allow Me
    - Mac Lipstick in the shade Peach Blossom
    - Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve - amazing for dry hands! I'm a bit of a germophobe and wash my hands a lot, but this keeps them nice and hydrated!
    - Small Monogram Pochette Kirigami with the gorgeous fuchsia lining - I use this for my change
    - Moroccan Oil to help tame frizz
    - DE 6 Key Holder with Rose Ballerine lining and button
    - Monogram Pocket Organiser NM for my cash and cards
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  6. WIMB :graucho::love:

    Attached Files:

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  7. In my Graceful today.

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  8. 15420572404515665204762845509300.jpg
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  9. My phone would be in there, but I used it to take this picture. Haha

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  10. In my Speedy today and using my new Sarah.

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  11. I love all your SLGs are they limited Ed and can you still buy them
  12. Lovely to see so much stuff in a Graceful can’t wait to join the club
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  13. All I put in my Alma BB is a Zippy Multicartes, my cellphone, 6 key holder, chapstick, and sunglasses in a sleeve, not case. It leaves a lot of room but I don’t want to over stuff it either.

    I feel shock when I see how much some people put in it.
  14. mini pochettes and the jeanne wallet in my graceful pm

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