What's Inside Your LV?

  1. Thank you!
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  2. What is the little black wallet called in the front? Thanks
  3. That’s the Victorine
  4. I love the colors in the HK sunglasses case. Where did you get that beauty? :heart:
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  5. What’s in my new Boite Chapeau Souple [​IMG]
  6. Gorgeous pieces!! I see your affice slgs are holding up in their print. Mine are as well and I’ve used them everyday for years. Made in 2010 too..unbelievable
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  7. What is the card holder on the left called? Thanks!
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  8. Hi there, it is the Zipped Card Holder

  9. I have a LV wallet in my Coach! I am hoping to own a LV Roses Limited Edition Neverfill MM very soon!,
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  10. In my Petit Noe today.

  11. I love all the pouches. However, the multiple clips and chains would annoy me to no end. Do they ever get tangled?
  12. No they don't get tangled, I tuck the hook inside if I'm not hooking to the bag. They don't tangle, the mini pochette is the only one with a chain and I've never had it tangle with anything
  13. Sorry for the slow reply...the HK sunglasses case I actually bought at the Sanrio store in Tokyo when I was there for work...if you mean the bag, I got it at Paris flagship store :smile:
  14. [​IMG]
    inside my poche noe
  15. Vivienne Apollo GM and monogram shiba with its content:love: