What's Inside Your LV?

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  1. A769ABAF-57D3-4111-9689-F4AE8B828FE4.jpeg I know my staging is horrible, but at least you can see the PM holds quite a bit. I keep my iPhone 7+ in the back pocket.
  2. Vintage montsouris PM, can fit this plus makeup in the front pouch and a water bottle as well!
  3. Marc Jacobs coin case ! Love it !
  4. Speedy B 35 DE:

    DE Pochette
    Emilie wallet
    Red epi pocket agenda
    Powerbank and cables in Chanel pouch
    Red glitter socks
    YSL mirror in patent case
    Clarins handcream
    Gold Clippa pursehook
    Tom Ford sunglasses
    Dior patent wallet (for shared money with DB)
    Keys with LV keychain
    Cherry gum[​IMG]
  5. Inside my new-to-me Epi Trocadero 27

  6. [​IMG] my first time using this alma bb. Loving my new bag.
  7. Makeup and toiletries packed full for my recent trip. Trousse Cosmetic Pouch in Orange Sunset and my vintage Compiegne 23 still in excellent condition Collage%202018-12-26%2022_42_26.jpg
  8. Traveling light with the saintonge today!
    Love that this bag can fit a full size wallet in it!

    Attached Files:

  9. love love love the kate spade frenchie card holder. I had wanted this when it came out and missed my chance to buy it new. and your frenchie puppy in your pic is adorable. Im frenchie obsessed myself ;) I have one frenchie who is 5. How old is yours!
  10. That pink wallet is so cute, what is the name of it?
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  11. So in love with this bag, it’s the perfect size for me and my essentials: :girlsigh:
    - mini pouchette (lip stuff, sanitizer, perfume, Advil, etc.)
    - round coin purse
    - babe’s smart wallet
    - victorine wallet
    - 6 key holder
    - iPhone x
    - scrunchie :giggle:
    - clear flat card pouch (for stamp/gift cards)

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  12. It’s the Chanel boy medium flap wallet
  13. Great picture!! For a relatively smaller bag, I’m always amazed at how much the PM holds! [emoji173]️
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  14. So much things can fit! Wow
  15. Inside my forever bag of the week...
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