What's Inside Your LV?

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  1. Which organizer is this? Just ordered my first LV- The Graceful PM!
  2. I love the quote on the little pouch!
  3. This is the purse to go one that I was temporarily using. I also ordered an Samorga one and another one on Amazon. Any that is long and slim will work.
  4. You carry 4 wallets in one bag at one time??
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  5. It’s 3 not 4. One is a 6 key ring holder. And yes, store cards in one, coins in my zcp, and my Sarah holds bills checkbook, receipts and main cards
  6. [​IMG]

    Arrived today Monceau BB in Fuchsia.

    I can also fit an I phone 6s plus with a Chunky cover on it. In the main compartment.[​IMG]
  7. Here’s what’s in my mini Palm Springs! I adore this bag! IMG_6530.JPG
  8. How long have you had the azur key pouch? Was it yellowish when you bought it?
  9. Hello! I purchased it new in 2013. It’s not yellow. It’s the lighting in the picture.
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  10. Here’s what’s in my bumbag! It fits pretty much the same as the Palm Springs mini minus the agenda. The agenda will fit but it is stuffed and makes an indention in the top of the bag. [​IMG]
  11. My roomy Josephine PM
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    My lovely and smooshy Mahina XS

  13. This is what I've been carrying in my PM for the past month. The basics.
    Clemence wallet
    6 Key holder
    Round coin purse
    Sunglasses and sometimes my watch

    The PM is quite small but cute, so only the essentials.
    PS: I plan to get this twilly for warm seasons. :smile::smile::smile:
    IMG_7920.jpg jaguar-quetzal-twilly--063168S 02-front-1-300-0-1440-1440_b.jpg
  14. What is in my new Saintonge today