What's Inside Your LV?

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  2. I think so too and I don't like pink, lol
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  3. 9A059FB7-176D-4AF8-AC00-76880D3ED103.jpeg 408FF89F-0418-42B2-A56C-6B78051D40BE.jpeg Here’s what I would fit in my new preloved Chantilly on a daily base.... plus my phone, keys, headphones and small bits and bobs :smile:
  4. What’s in my toiletry 26! It fits quite a bit and it still zips without bulging or tension on the zipper. I wouldn’t think I would like it as a purse, but it’s perfect for me as a student. It slips in the front pocket of my backpack, so I don’t need to carry a separate purse, and after class I can take it out and use it as a clutch! :love:

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  6. IMG_0371.JPG
  7. Fyn, do you think the Saintonge can hold almost as much as the Pochette Metis? Or quite a lot less? Thanks!
  8. IMG_6117.jpg
    WIMB for date night :smile:
  9. Love your key pouch, it may be the most symmetrical one I've seen. I ordered a DE online last night. I hope I get a good one.
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  10. Puppy too? :biggrin:
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  11. I've never thought I'd do one of these because I tend to wonder who would want to see my junk (not cute SLGs like many of you), but I do find it helpful to know what fits in a bag before I blindly run off and buy one having never seen it IRL, so here it goes.

    Here's what's in my LV Ellipse PM Mono (love it, but wish I had it in DE):
    • Coach gloves
    • kate spade bi-fold wallet
    • LV Epi red 6-key holder
    • New Square Swipe in package (GS Cookie Sale season)
    • small Lubriderm hand lotion
    • sunglasses from Costco
    • tissues
    • phone case
    • a couple of loose water flavor packets
    • a 3" x 6" homemade zip pouch with makeup (red multicolored)
    • a 4" x 6" homemade zip quilted pouch/mom emergency kit (multicolored patchwork)
    • a ballpoint
    • pen
    • loose change
    That's kind of a lot and it fits nicely. I struggled with the idea of buying this bag. I loved its appearance but didn't think the shape could be practical.

    As it turns out, it opens WIDE (which I love) and because the bottom is deceptively wide, it fits quite a lot. I could probably stuff something else in there, but I wouldn't want to.

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  12. Wow - that is a lot! I also own this bag but don't use it nearly enough - but LOVE the shape/look. I noticed you have a long/crossbody strap attached(?) Do you usually carry it that way? Is it comfortable? I've never thought of doing that and now your picture has got me thinking...
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  13. It is a lot, isn't it? Haha. Honestly, I did not fully appreciate the spaciousness until I took my little inventory. And I would normally have my reading glasses in there too, but I didn't think to mention them because they were in use. And I could stash a few other small things if needed.

    Yes, I use it mostly crossbody and sometimes handheld. It is comfortable enough, but sometimes I need to readjust where the strap sits on my shoulder. If it sits on my collar bone too long it gets uncomfortable there.

    Sometimes I let it hang in front of the hip, behind the hip, or right on the hip depending on what I am wearing/doing. It works in all three positions. And there are strap rings (are those called D-rings?) so it's perfectly suited for a strap.

    I have a Speedy B 25 that is a heck of a nice bag, but I get way more comments on the Ellipse. I don't know if it's the mono that gets attention, or because it looks like a satellite dish. Personally, I'm not comfortable wearing logos (don't throw eggs at me) so the mono makes me a little self-conscious. I wear it anyway because I love the shape. Note to anyone--yes in advance, I would trade anyone for a DE Ellipse if someone is out there (can I say that legally on this forum?).

    As you can imagine, I absolutely love the egg-shaped bag that is coming out in the Summer 2019 collection. I bet you do too. I'll put it on my list of bags to buy in 10 years when it hits the preloved market!

    You should wear your little flying saucer. Give her some love!
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