What's Inside Your LV?

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  1. I've been having a time trying to figure out what fits and what doesn't without compromising the structure of the bag. It really is all in how it's packed. :smile:
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  2. IMG_6990.jpg
  3. Pink makes me happy — and this picture of your gorgeous PM certainly makes me smile :smile:
  4. YAY! Nice to see a Cabas user on this thread :smile: I just purchased a Cabas Piano. I love it but it's narrower than I am used to (I'm used to totes) Will post my bag below..
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    New-to-me Cabas Piano :smile: I am still getting the hang of a structured bag - I am used to totes/Speedy.

    - Kate Spade Wellesley Neda wallet in neon turquoise
    - Lilly cosmetic pouch found at thrift store xD
    - I keep keys in zipper pocket.. until I can get a Mono key pouch!



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    I will eventually step up my SLG game! (I am still paying off student loans...) I really want a Monogram key pouch to go with this beauty :biggrin:

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  7. I really like how you adore & love your PM! Love reviewing your photos!
  8. Such sweet comments! Thank you very much Lovely ladies:heart::hugs::heart::heart::heart::heart:
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  9. Arghhh....I miss my cabas piano. I sold it after grad school. I had the big size then didn't see the need for it anymore. I this one sale I regret so much@!!!!
  10. Aww! :-/ I like it a lot, but I am still getting used to it. It's definitely not as slouchy as the Le Pliage I was wearing! It feels so well-made and I love that. I have considered a NF PM or MM someday, but probably a pre-loved one. Cost, and also some people have said the quality seems better "back in the day." I also have a 1992 Speedy :smile:
    What are your fave LVs?
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  11. I love all my speedys (2 35s and 1 30). A saumur (didn't pick pochette metis even though I was deciding these 2 at the same time, sigh......). A horizontal batignolles. A limited edition neverfull mm. Over 5 pieces of luggage. A 15 year old pochette accessoires. Two many small leather goods. Hahaha. I hope I didn't miss anything. All monogram.

    You see, I buy Louis Vuitton during certain years. Then I stop for several years and venture into other designers.
  12. Ah, I see. Nice collection. I would love a Pochette Metis someday! I am a monogram girl too. I wanted my next purchase to be a key pouch but I keep seeing all these posts about quality issues!
  13. Don't let these quality issue posts deter you. Go into your local store, have them lay out all their key pouches and pick one. Use it, don't look back. I also highly recommend the 6 key holder. These two items, you'll use FOREVER. I have never encountered SLGs that have such great value per use.
  14. Here’s my little family [emoji7] IMG_4093.jpg
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    • LV Tuileries Noir Hobo
    • LV keyholder
    • Longchamp business card holder
    • Ipsy passport makeup bag
    • Hello Kitty sunglasses case
    • Hello Kitty KISS tissues
    • Chanel Classic Black Caviar Wallet

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