What's in Your Chloe Bag?

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  1. That is, what fits in my new Chloé Nile Medium:




    Here we have:
    Small umbrella, passeport, wallet, pouch with bluetooth earphones, tissues, hand creme, battery, brush, chap stick, iphone cabel and there still is space for a bunch of other small stuff.
  2. In my gold Chloe mini pixie belt bag I normally have my Samsung s7 phone, car keys, lipstick, card case, facial tissue packet, hand sanitizer and inhaler. It fits surprising a lot more than my small ysl chain wallet. :smile:

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  3. wow

    congrats on this Beauty !!:nuts::heart:
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  4. Thanks :smile:
  5. I would like to see what fits in a small nile. Looks so lovely but not sure if it fits that much
  6. Looks like a smaller bag makes one more organized ;)
  7. What’s in my Tess 9B33BD79-DC52-4B69-99E0-7A253BB10F44.jpg
  8. wow where do you find the ittle umbrella? I Need it :cool:
  9. How was this bag for daily wear? I have a small balenciga but I keep looking at this bag
  10. Thank you!
  11. Oooo I like this!
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  12. Hello all Chloe lovers,

    Not sure if I am posting in the right section but I was wondering if anyone can answer my query.

    I have just invested in a mini Drew Bijoux in black and she is a beauty! I have suddenly realised that it has been discontinued altogether. My question is should I keep it or return it? Will it seem quite outdated?
  13. If you like it, does it matter? Do you have to follow the crowds, or do you have your own independent streak? Isn’t it great to have something others can’t find readily? I sure think it is! But, each to his own! Good luck!
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