What's in Your Chloe Bag?

  1. That is, what fits in my new Chloé Nile Medium:




    Here we have:
    Small umbrella, passeport, wallet, pouch with bluetooth earphones, tissues, hand creme, battery, brush, chap stick, iphone cabel and there still is space for a bunch of other small stuff.
  2. In my gold Chloe mini pixie belt bag I normally have my Samsung s7 phone, car keys, lipstick, card case, facial tissue packet, hand sanitizer and inhaler. It fits surprising a lot more than my small ysl chain wallet. :smile:
    20180603_163914.jpg 20180530_205138.jpg
  3. wow

    congrats on this Beauty !!:nuts::heart:
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  4. Thanks :smile:
  5. I would like to see what fits in a small nile. Looks so lovely but not sure if it fits that much
  6. Looks like a smaller bag makes one more organized ;)