What's in Your Chloe Bag?

  1. Wowzer your engagement ring is TDF :heart: xxx
  2. In my medium Marcie crossbody
    Cosmetic pouch
    Lipstick and gloss
  3. Can i ask you one question? How is your chain go through from sise to another? I thought it should tie at each end
  4. It's the new season ss17 drew it can double up to make it go higher as a shoulder bag.
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  5. What size is that? Where did you buy it? I just purchased mini one in the newest collection. I want to return and get something like that
  6. You can probably get one most places that sell Chloe bags, but I purchased mine on mytheresa.com because they're very reputable and as a Canadian, I end up saving like 4-500$.
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  7. Oh I see....i checked online only black and your color come with double straps
  8. So sorry for my incredibly tardy reply! This bag is Royal Navy and is so incredibly versatile that I have considered getting a mini Marcie in the same colour. Hope you enjoy picking out a Chloe.
  9. I have a Chloe Hudson, so as it is not my go-to bag I always move things around, but normally what you would find inside my Hudson while wearing it would be a lipstick, my wallet (I have to buy a smaller one that fits better inside by the way), my keys, sunglasses, my oyster card and my phone... not much, but Im so scared to damage it somehow that I try to keep it as empty as possible :S
  10. Love it those bags:P
  11. 2.jpg
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  13. What's in my Chloe Marcie hobo bag :heart:

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  14. 1854CDC4-A487-4B83-85AF-0CE476C22CE7.jpg

    In my Faye backpack mini! This holds soooo much!
  15. I tried on the Faye bracelet bag in store. It fit my huge battery pack, my slim wallet, and my iPhone 6S, plus had room for small extras like a couple of keys or a lipstick. Of course it looked bulky but I like that look for the Faye! I wish I snapped a pic in store but here’s what I fit inside:
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