What's in Your Chloe Bag?

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  1. OK Girls - we want to know what's in your Chloe bags. So we want all the gory details, photos, the lot!:nuts: Don't be shy - and don't try to hide anything - we want to see it ALL......................................we're waiting - lets see who is the first to post:yahoo::yahoo:
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  2. LOL...I can always find these items in my chloe bags...stored or being used..
    coupons, bills, reciepts, hair brush, lipgloss, travelsize perfume, a pen, Dior shades or atleast a case. At least one palm size dinosaur and wet naps. The baby doesn't fit anymore lol:roflmfao:
  3. OKAY, you asked for it!
    STOP reading if you have a weak stomach!

    Well, see, i have this really old dog. she is so sweet, her name is buppy, and i love her more than i can say. BUT she, um, has really bad indigestion from time to time. SO, the vet asked me to put some, uhh, samples in a plastic container and bring it on in to him.
    .....And that, my dears, was what was in MY beautiful noir chloe paddington recently!

    IT GETS WORSE.....( No, it didn`t spill! )
    ..... here is the REALLY gross part : it is really warm here in texas, so the aforementioned sample needed to be kept cool until it reached the vet. SOOO, it was in my FRIDGE.....and imagine the surprise (and assorted cusswords and screams of disgust) when a certain hungry teenager opened that plastic container!!!!
    Now, maybe they will PAY ATTENTION when something in the fridge says " DO NOT OPEN ! " :roflmfao:
  4. OMG![​IMG]
  5. :shocked:
    can't beat that one leslie! :lol:
    at the moment due to the kids having grown i have in my tan chloe: wallet,fruit gums,sunnies, mobile phone, chewing gum and my bal make up clutch that has: the pill (yes!!!), a purple ink pen for daughter,my moleskin tiny diary, chapstick,sunblock, pencil, stilla lip gloss, one earring and assorted receipts!
    sadly i can't fit the watchmen book i am reading!
  6. I have two pens which is scary in a way, the wallet, Mademoiselle Coco purse perfume, a small make up bag that has two diffrent lipsticks, a lipgloss, lip pen and a conceler. Then there is also a folder with memory related research. Most of the time ipod and phone is also in bag.
  7. I finally got around to take my moka paddy for a spin today :yahoo:!

    And the contents within her were:

    All out in the open (boy she can hold a lot :P):
  8. pics thats what we want vivi1205 :yes:

    cute items!!

  9. ^^^^^^oh, trust me, you do not want pics of what was in my paddy!

    Vivi I LOVEloveLOVE that color brown! I love it that paddys are so spacious, don`t you? they are not huge bags, but they sure do hold alot comfortably!
  10. vivi, those colours work so well with your moka! :heart: :heart: i see badtz maru! :biggrin:

    yes ladies, more pics please! :nuts: i wish i could join in but my chloes are not here yet!
  11. \
    She looks great - hope she enjoyed her first trip! I love that you managed to fit everything in it so well - they're great bags as they never seem to look stuffed.

    pilatesworks - your story cracked me up! :roflmfao:
  12. Well girls - you asked for this Thread - and OMG - we got it:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    pilatesworks - I wish I'd been there - I really do :graucho: Don't you just LOVE teenagers.....................:woohoo:
  13. let's not talk about teenagers as i am tempted to ban mine!
    well, here are pics of what gets carried around on my tan paddy, i have tried but the book really didn't fit!so it didn't make it to the pic...and after almost knocked said teenager with the lock (it was an accident!) the lock stays inside the bag!
    and my secret is out:i don't iron my bedsheets! (i miss the old fence...)

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  14. oooh i love your black clutch puka! :heart: wet wipes are a must in my bags too! what wallet is that?

    ps. we don't iron our bedsheets either!
  15. thanks dragonette! the clutch is my bal make up clutch, most of my stuff goes inside it!
    the wallet is from an aussie brand:oroton, same as the sunnies. they have really nice handbags too!