What was your FIRST Botkier bag?

  1. a black sasha which is not with me any more...
  2. A green Trigger, which I still kinda regret selling, ha ha!
  3. My first Botkier was the Black Trigger Satchel with gold hardware and also bought the matching wallet. I absolutely love it! I use it all the time.
  4. Black trigger with silver hardware. I had wanted the bag since it first came out and ended up getting it a couple years ago - great bag!
  5. My first botkier - a mini Sasha! I'm not sure what the exact color is called, but it's a shimmery pale silver/pearl leather. I just pulled this back out a few weeks ago for spring, and still love how soft and pretty it is :smile:

  6. Oh where did u get the mini? Ive been looking for it for awhile but it just seems like no ones selling it anymore. What a gorgeous bag!
  7. Thanks! I actually got mine on sale back around '08 or '09, so I'm afraid I can't be of too much help now, sorry. I hope you find your mini though!! Which color/material are you looking for? :smile:
  8. but a Trigger, of course
  9. My first Botkier was a Taylor large satchel in brown.....and I loved it so much, I bought it in black as well.
  10. Bianca Bella clutch in black patent.
  11. A Mini Holster Bag That I found on eBay for around 40.00
  12. Botkier large Bianca and it is a great bag and so useful.
  13. Trigger Luxe. Purchased in 2006 and has held up amazingly well. I don't use it very often because it is just so heavy.
  14. Violet Venice Hobo, which was quickly followed by a black Venice Hobo. Still lookiing for a Hot Pink or Fuchsia in that style. I wish they'd make more like those, I'm not loving the smaller, stiffer/color blocked styles.
  15. Pearl grey lambskin Howard St. satchel. I also bought a matching zip around wallet. The leather is oh so soft.