What was your FIRST Botkier bag?

  1. I think my first Botkier was the Lita satchel. It was followed quickly by a large snakeskin Sasha and a purple Trigger. They've all been rehomed, but I loved them when I had them.
  2. I just got my first a couple of weeks ago...Jackie satchel. I love it...so soft and so functional. I'm having a hard time using my other bags.
  3. If I remember correctly it would be the sophie tote. It started an I gotta have it obsession which of course lead to the sasha and trigger and the list goes on! :biggrin:
  4. love my bombay hobo, the first, but still one of my favorites, such beautiful leather.
  5. just received my 1st Botkier - the Howard Street. it's sooo cute and the color is so darn pretty!!! I love the leather.. soft and so smooth! :love:
  6. My first was the Noa E/W satchel in black. And wow, I really fell in love quickly with the Botkier leather! The detail on the sides of this bag is really amazing, I love it. I recently bought a Bianca too. Probably not too practical to have two black satchels, but I couldn't resist!
    IMG_4.JPG IMG_5.jpg
  7. My first Botkier is the Dion Large tote in black! Scored it for $129 on gilt. I love that it's big enough to hold my laptop, and has the top handle as well as the shoulder strap.
  8. Just got a hand me down bianca large black from the dbf mamma, it's awesome!
  9. Moto Clutch in Antique Silver
  10. Just received my first on Thursday- A Beck Hobo in Argento :yahoo:
  11. My first Botkier was a small Trigger in black and a crescent in black. Got them around the same time.
  12. My first and only Botkier...

  13. Ohhhhh i much prefer the Triggers with pull tabs, but they are dam impossible to find....hint hint Monica...:biggrin:
  14. I'm brand new to Botkier, but I'm loving the bags. My first bag was the Beck Large Satchel in brown. I also have the Beck Hobo in black, and a Taylor Crossbody in Sand Pearl that I just got off Bonanza. It seems I like the less popular bags, but I'd love to try out some of the older models. I just have to find them!
  15. ladies...brand new....been considering a botkier for a couple of years but have stuck with my usuals (LP, HH, RM and BE and Ignes.) I am considering the bleeker satchel or that pale blue bag that's been on bon forever....with neiman tag.

    Is the nude color pretty in person? I'm worried it'll be too....blah. I just bought n returned an RM in a similar color. Any help would be appreciated!