What was your FIRST Botkier bag?

  1. Hi Ladies! I want to know what your first Botkier purchase was and why? I'm thinking about purchasing one but im not sure where to start!
  2. Medium (formerly small) black lambskin leather Sasha-- I really liked the style of the bag, how you can wear it two different ways and it totally can change the look. I admired it online for a while but once I saw it in person, I bought it. The bag looks and feels very expensive, soft leather, quality hardware, and it holds alot!

    :heart::heart: it!!
  3. I bought the Medium Bianca and Mini Sasha together, so they were both my first Botkier bags. Then I bought a Marysia Tote, a Bryant, and recently a Satin Stevie Convertible Satchel.

    I started buying Botkier bags before RM, and I keep coming back because of the good quality. I did have some disappointment with the leather of the Marysia Tote, but I thought it was just occasional because my other Botkier bags are of really good quality and workmanship.

    I like some of the Botkier bags this season, but I'm not willing to pay full price for any bags, so I will only get them when I see good deals.
  4. Trigger Luxe in cognac... My current SO got it for me, because I obsessed over the Trigger for like a year. So sweet! This was back in 2005.
  5. My first was the medium Sasha duffle in white snake. I bought another one in black patent also. My favorite bag. I'm probably going to buy a large in a brown to add to the family! good luck choosing. I also bought the Gladiator small shoulder, but returned it when I realized what a pain it was to get stuff in and out of :p
  6. Mine Was The Morgan Satchel,I Got It As An 18th Birthday Present.
  7. Let's see-
    my first Botkier was (and is) the large Bianca satchel in "pudding" lambskin- I love the capacity of that bag, because at the time I bought it I was commuting to New York city from Connecticut on the train.
    I could fit everything in that bag, and it still looked great!
    :smile: xoxo
  8. For me it was a sasha medium nylon duffle in chocolate earlier this year. I'm thinking of getting another sasha in leather if I can find a good deal.
  9. Large Bianca in Gold. It was a really good deal to pass up. Ever since I was hooked because of the functionality of the bag and good leather. I thinkI have 11 Botkier bags now.
  10. Black lambskin medium Bianca - it was love at first sight :love: ....but also very functional and comfortable to wear (I later got an electric blue patent one that I wore all summer).
  11. Just got my first Botkier at the sample sale: a pearl gray kai convertible hobo. I love the soft leather and it's very roomy. I'm a little worried that the leather is sensitive (looks like it will scratch easily), but time will tell. What I really wanted was the medium sasha, but didn't see any at the sale.
  12. My one & only [at the moment], is my Sasha. *sigh* I still love her. She'll look great in the summer. :biggrin:
  13. A month ago I got my first Botkier -- a Jackie tote in pewter snake. Got it on sale at Luna Boston. I have to say I LOVE it. I needed something that would hold a laptop and a lot of stuff when I travel - but not too huge -- and the Jackie is perfect. The metallic seems to be holding up well. It's a very user-friendly bag-- easy to get in and out of -- and the construction is high-quality. I had been buying Belen Echandia for a while, but I started to become dissatisfied with the quality, so decided to try something new. I got the Jackie and won't look back.
  14. My first Botkier delivery came from a NY SS and held two bags, a large cherry Bianca and a small black Roxy. I loved them both and then from the botkier website sale I bought a large black Bryant Hobo and a small gold (forgot the name) satchel. Then I bought another large Bryant Hobo in gold from the bay. I sold the two gold bags and still have the other three. Finally, I bought a large cream and a medium black Sasha duffle from the bay, sold the cream one and still have the black.
  15. Sasha Medium in Cocoa leather. I first saw it on Angelina Jolie (pic) and loved the style. Debated between the nylon and leather, then saw it in a boutique and could think of NOTHING the whole day except how lovely it hugs you! Hubby bought it for me soon after and I still SMS him when I take Sasha out cos it makes me very happy!
    I think the design is so elegant and understated. You won't regret it.