What was your FIRST Botkier bag?

  1. Hey all,
    It's a perfect time to get your new Botkier bags! Saks Fifth avenue is hosting Fashion's Night Out on September 10th, Monica Botkier will be in attendance and there will be a Trigger wallet in Pewter as the gift with purchase!
  2. My first was the Cairo found on eBay and the 2nd was the black nylon medium Sasha found on sale at Plaza Too.
  3. i just got the james tote :smile: i could not be happier
  4. Hey all!
    Wow, definitely a lot of Botkier lovers here! Why not introduce yourselves on our Botkier Lovers thread? It's always great to e-meet more Botkier girls on the Forum!
    xoxo, Botkier
  5. Clyde
  6. Laides, I am currently waiting by the mailbox to receive my first Botkier handbag...Her name is Sasha and this is what she will look like....only she will be orange and she will be coming from the Amazon webiste vs. this one.....


    I showed this website as a link because it shows better pictures then Amazon....i am so exicted. The reason i chose this bag was #1 the color, want bags in every color not just black/brown, #2 the size and the fact that it looked very roomy and expensive and third.....hell just loved everything about it...love at first sight i guess you could say.....:nuts:

    I might add i love this website and love talking about purses.....i swear if i every pass away i want to be burried in a very nice and expenisve purse....:graucho:
  7. Large Bianca in Cherry, it is still one of my favorite bags.
  8. Logan shopper in black. I love it!
  9. Distressed Black Sydney Hobo
  10. The first Botkier that counted was my lovely black Bryant hobo (with the gold elephant and tusk) that my hubby found for me on EBay last month for our anniversary. I previously bought a black Vixen that just wasn't me, but was a final sale--so I gave that away to a very close girlfriend who adores the bag.
  11. my first botkier were two that I bought at a sample sale eons ago. I bought the brown skeleton drawstring and the large bombay tote in pale yellow. That was in 2006. I sold the skeleton, but I use the bombay every summer.

    And I use my trigger E/W every winter.
  12. I was never super into Botkier, but I found this for 99$ at Nordstrom Rack! It was in great condition except for a tiny ball bearing sized tear at the bottom. It was priced at 599$


    Sadly, I had an incident with an open water bottle and I fear it may be ruined. The ENTIRE thing spilled. I let it dry at room temperature and the whole bottom half of the bag is much darker. Not sure what to do :sad:

    Maybe I'll just buy myself a Bianca for Xmas.
  13. Just ordered it!
    From MOB....Barb is such a doll to work with. She is going to have it to me before I go out of town Thursday...
    Large Botkier Sidney Hobo in Antique/Silverfox!
    It finally dawned on me that in all my bags, I didnt have anything in grey!
    And 90% of my wardrobe is black, grey and brown...
    I am going to have a big hobo to hold all my purchases in New Orleans!!!!
    Will do a reveal when I get it Wednesday....
    I hope its as beautiful as it appears.
  14. Black Bryant Hobo.
  15. Gunmetal Trigger from Barney's , without fringe on the pull tab-I love its compartments-use it in the fall, and winter, but Its HEAVEY:p