What is your ultimate PET PEEVE???

  1. Yeah, that annoys me as well..

    Btw-love the sig!! :lol:

  2. :yes:
  3. Oh yeah when people edit out cuss words from shows so that you hear beep most of the time. It's just annoying to hear.
  4. Thanks! I'm glad it made you laugh. :smile:

    Oh another one, lol.

    Flies that keep flying around you and won't leave you alone! Go bug someone else or something, but leave me ALONE.

    Edit: And that wasn't even pun intended. I didn't realize it had a "connection" to my fly sig until after I posted lol.
  5. yes agree with you 100%
  6. When my mother won't leave the room to talk on the phone. Instead makes me mute the tv
  7. Late replies, but:

    :ty:That, plus "to, two, too" was on my original list but I cut it down. So glad to see it on yours!!!

    Sorry you had a bad impression of TPF, roxiehart :hugs: There are some basic guidelines posted about posts and searching earlier conversations before starting new threads but I understand it can be confusing for new members. I checked your new thread and feel the member who pointed you to the existing thread wasn't condescending, just factual. I hope you will enjoy happier times on TPF :flowers:

    Seriously - what's up with that??? Who, at home, would pee all over a seat and walk away or use the toilet and not flush :nono: People can be so unbelievably inconsiderate. The last time I was driving from Canada to Massachusetts I was in a highway rest stop with auto flush toilets. I left the stall, looked back, saw the toilet hadn't "auto flushed", and went back to push the little button to flush. The restroom attendant made a point to thank me. I don't understand.... Why leave your mess behind for someone else to deal with - NO CLASS :yucky:
  8. Bad attitudes
  9. I have quite a few but the one that bothers me the most is when people talk on the phone in the cinemas. It just irks me to no end!!! :censor:
  10. People who never put their shopping carts away. Had a lady push her shopping cart into my car today. :mad:

    She didn't know I was in the car and the look on her face when I rolled my window down :lol: She got a few unkind words...
  11. Petty people who pull dirty little tricks because they can't compete.
  12. When my boyfriend puts recyclables on top of the recycle bin and is too lazy to open up the lid and put them in there or puts something like a string cheese wrapper next to the garbage can area but couldn't take the extra 2 seconds to open up the garbage and toss it in there!
  13. At the moment, I can't stand when people claim to be huge fans of Jimmy Hendrix. My cousin's girlfriend has Jimmy (not Jimi) Hendrix listed under her favourite music on Facebook, and it makes me stabby.

    I'm already a bit of a Grammar/Spelling nazi, but come on now.
  14. Can we list daily pet peeves? lol..

    I absolutely HATE opening dvds and their stupid "security tape" grrr I have to fiddle with it for what seems like forever.. I just wanna watch my damn movie!
  15. People who b*tch, complain and nit-pick about anything and everything. It's like they aren't happy unless they can point out something negative. My SO's step-dad is like this, and we joke about how many things he'll complain about every time we see him ;)