What is your ultimate PET PEEVE???

  1. Mine has to be people who make noises when they eat. It drives me crazy!!!:hysteric:I just don't understand it. There should be no reason why I can hear you eating. I have MANY more, but that has to be my top one.

    bad drivers
    people who pick their pimples in front of me
    bad hygiene
    dirty bathrooms
    people who talk like they're another ethnicity
    bad customer service

    So everyone, what's your top pet peeve??
  2. Many to list, but...
    Poor Hygiene
    dirty restrooms
    leaving turn signals on
  3. my current biggest pet peeve are those so-called friends who know you are sick and leave snotty voice mail messages saying "did you forget how to use a phone"-this one has been irking me for 12 hours. Generally speaking though the nose-pickers ar traffic lights and the big one, like you just said "people who talk like they're another ethnicity"THIS IRKS THE :censor: OUT OF ME....be yourself for goodness sakes!!!!
  4. People who are late.

    People with a cell phone firmly planted to their ear no matter where they are or what they're doing.

    Boorish behavior in general.
  5. Auto-flush toilets that keep flushing even before you're 'done'....
  6. Lateness. I can't stand people who are late!!! I am a very punctual person. I plan what time I need to leave to get somewhere, and I plan how long it will take me to get ready. I have one friend, sis-in-law, and sister who are late for EVERYTHING. UHHHHHGGGGGG!!!!!
  7. Number 1: get out of my way. I hate slow drivers with a passion. If you're doing less than SIX miles over the speed limit, MOVE.

    Number 2: don't touch me if you don't know me.

    Number 3: back up! Ever heard of personal space?!

    Number4: leave a message. I don't answer calls if I don't know your number. Don't call me a hundred times, because that does nothing but make me madder. Just leave a message, and I'll holler back, but I hate wasting minutes on wrong numbers, people I am avoiding, etc.
  8. Poor hygiene and people I don't know touching me .
  9. Chewing LOUDLY...with mouth open...bleck.....

    Toilet seat still up...ICK..
  10. People who do not control their children. I hate when people allow their kids to just run wild. Especially in parking lots. I can not tell you how many times I see parents walking 10 feet in front of their 6 year old and not even looking back to make sure they are still there. Or in the mall when people allow their toddlers to walk whereever. A busy shopping center is NOT the place to teach your child to walk! :rant:
  11. Oh boy...alot...

    #1: People who are late....drives me insane!!!!!!!! I am always early to everything...or right on time!
    2. People who don't flush toilets in public places
    3. Public toilets with no disposable toilet seat covers
    4. People who exceed the carry-on limit on airplanes and then whine when it has to be stored under plane.
    5. Poor hygiene
    6. People who shout when they are having a normal conversation....when I can hear you half a block away, you're too loud!
    7. Lazy people ...mostly this relates to my job...the ones who are too busy socializing the night before and can't be bothered to get anything done the next day (this past year I think I've done about 75-80% of work in my lab because other grad student was like this!)
  12. YES!!! That drives me insane:rant: Particularly when the child is walking wayyy behind...or the parents who walk through parking lot not holding their young child's hand and they're walking in the middle of the aisle...I mean honestly, someone could just run that poor child over!
  13. People who leave dishes in the sink at work! argghhhh nasty
    Dirty restrooms (that was a good one...yuck)
    Inconsiderate Drivers
    Unruly children
    People who make same children the center of attention
    Condescending people
    Whiny hairstylists, masseur
    Nail tech's who talk on the phone the entire time their servicing you
  14. When people chew like cows and make nasty noises when they're eating!!

    When someone calls my cell phone 34583490 times in a row if I don't answer!!!
  15. People who talk on the cell phone at a restaurant while at the dinner table.:rant: