What is your latest Hermes purchase?

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  1. This thread is not a chat thread.

    If you have a question that leads to going off topic find the relevant thread, DM directly or start a new thread if the topic has not been covered before.
  2. Is this the maxi twilly cut or maxi twilly slim? Thank you! So beautiful!
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  3. Thank you for liking it! It’s a maxi twilly slim.
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  4. Thanks for the feedback, yes, I LOVE how it looks, reallly wish it weren't swift, but for now I'm going to try docrite's blackrock and obenauf method to hopefully give it some added protection lol
  5. No blackrock? What's your experience with this? I'd scanned thru Docrite's thread of hermes bag care and she seemed to recommend the blackrock w/ obenauf? Thanks for any tips!
  6. OMGGG Where???? I looked for them all over Paris and NO ONE had any
  7. I think they may be older threads that you’re looking at and I’m not sure Docride ever recommended blackrock for swift although I haven’t read the whole thing so could be wrong. It might be worth asking her if you’re not sure? With regards experience, only my own use of a swift Birkin and a swift belt. I’m absolutely no expert but from using both and the little I do know, I’ve had no problem with a little rain or mayor scratches and wouldn’t put anything on the leather especially on a new bag.
  8. Thank you Hokatie! It’s a beautiful combination and we’re twins on that Evie! :heart:
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  9. I am back eyeing your stunning yellow twilly :girlsigh:again ...

    I hope I get lucky to own two of them :love: it’s perfect ...
  10. Just got this Birkin 30 in Vert Cypress :smile: I have been OBSESSING over this color, but based on photos online it was really difficult to gauge what the color actually would look like in person. A lot of photos make this bag look like it has strong blue undertones, so I was thrilled when I pulled it out of the box and discovered its true color! I tried to do the best I could with this photo, but I still feel like this beautiful shade needs to be experienced in person to truly be understood -- it's so beautiful and complex! :heart: And I never understood what people meant when they said that their new bags SMELLED amazing -- haha! The only other B I have is 10 years old in epsom leather and doesn't have a scent. But now I get it -- it smells like a new car! :smile: Thanks for letting me geek out here. :smile:

    Oh, and I was debating between this color or solid black. For anyone else who is considering this color, I'm so glad I picked it over black! It's dark enough to be a total neutral (I don't feel like the green undertone is overpowering), but has more complexity and uniqueness than straight black in my opinion. :smile: (Now, that is all to say that I will probably own a black B at some point too haha :coolio:).

  11. Congrats! Your bag looks gorgeous :heart:. I think you picked the right one. Can’t wait to see more mod shots with the bag :biggrin:
  12. This kelly wallet I liked was posted by ptptpt - perhaps they can tell you!
  13. Glad to hear that we are twin on this lovely Evie :drinks:
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  14. I FAINT!! This one beautiful Birkin! Geek out all you want - if not here, where :P it looks stunning in color and it’s often so hard to capture exactly the color because these beautiful bags from H change with the light. Congratulations - and have fun wearing her in good health!!!:heart:
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