What is your latest Hermes purchase?

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  1. This thread is not a chat thread.

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  2. Just right in time for Valentines:heart:! Happy Valentine ladies!

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  3. No worries - just wanted you to get the right answer!
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  4. Purchased several days ago but I only let myself open it for v-day. My dream K28 black sellier in epsom. I had been open to other leathers but I actually really love epsom for the 28 even though I do not like it for other products. I also got a new 140 CGSM (picture from the website attached as I have not figured out a good way to photograph it) and a separate black 105cm strap for the k28 not pictured. I am so happy with it.

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  5. So happy you got your K28 bag. It looks beautiful and so does the scarf :smile:
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  6. My 35 Gold Togo:heart:

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  7. Milly, love both of your new H items but especially your gorgeous 140cm

    Will you please post a pic of the H scarf tag or send me a PM do we don’t hijack this thread :nuts:

    Many thanks! :heart:
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  8. Gorgeous:love:
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  9. What a beauty!!
  10. Sooooo jealous :loveeyes:
  11. Oh...my dream bag :heart:. Beautiful!
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  12. Stunning!! I got my dream bag Birkin 30 in black with gold hardware in Dec last year. And I am working on my next Quota bag . I love green bags and wasn't sure if I should ask for my next Birkin in Vert Cypress. Seeing your bag, maybe I should . I saw the Malachite green on posts before but haven't seen it in person. Think it is a very nice shade of green. Was told it may be coming back this season. Anyone know if it's true and if Malachite is lighter shade than Vert Cypress?
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  13. Congratulations!! My dream bag!! Which I am working with my SA to get. My friend who has been a longer time Hermes fans told me this is much more difficult to get than a Birkin 30 in black togo with gold hardware. May I ask how long have you waited for this and how long is your relationship with your SA before he/she offered this to you? I got my B30 in black with ghw a few months ago and wanted to get this next.
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  14. Malachite will be lighter. Think about malachite to vert cypress as bleu saphir to bleu nuit/bleu indigo.
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  15. I will PM you. I did not wait as long as I thought I would.
  16. Thank you, HKsai! I am actually contemplating getting the GP30 in Vert Cypress instead. This way I can try out that shade of green first before I make a big purchase on a Birkin
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