What is your latest Hermes purchase?

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  2. Continued from here.
  3. Woohoo I m first here!!

    My unexpected purchase from last week..


    And used it today to grocery shopping.. Lazy Sunday outfit :smile:


    Love the charm!
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  4. Woohoo I'm the first to comment!

    Love your chic "lazy" do :smile:
  5. Here is my last H purchase - and first scarf! Originally, I had no interest in H scarves, just the leathers, but all you ladies are quickly turning me into a convert. Fleurs et papillons...

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  6. Gorgeous CW of Fleurs et papillons,major congrats! :heart:
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  7. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1415610743.770499.jpg
    My latest purchase via my H fairy. Buttersoft lambskin gloves in exactly my size, with cashmere lining. This combination isn't ordered in my local stores, it was found in Paris. Perfect for winter.
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  8. Love this color ! :heart:
  9. Ha I've been going back and forward about Hermes gloves for years. How are they? Have you used them yet?
  10. The temperature here is well above 10C and still quite comfortable so I can't give you a review yet. I can only say they are really soft!
  11. Love your new gloves, periogirl ~ I would be your twin in a heartbeat but I always LOSE my gloves. Major congrats and enjoy!
  12. Thank you! I will make sure they go straight into my bag or worse, buy those glove clips!
  13. Great idea, keep those gloves safe! Btw, love your avatar, periogirl :heart:
  14. :hugs:

    Ok back to topic. I also bought Equipage yesterday. An unlikely choice but I am wearing it now, I think it suits me as well as the season.
  15. Thank you Vigee!

    I love this color too - have a soft spot for cobalt! Thank you!
  16. :drool: Congrats!