What is your latest Hermes purchase?

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  1. This thread is not a chat thread.

    If you have a question that leads to going off topic find the relevant thread, DM directly or start a new thread if the topic has not been covered before.
  2. Thank you!! I will post some next time I use her. :smile:
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  3. Thank you so much!! :love:
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  4. New Valentine's Day twilly and orange bag charm. I'm in love :smile:

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  5. Yessss!
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  6. Congrats! She is a beauty! I have the same bag in GHW and LOOOOOVE her to death. I wear her more than my black B and she goes so well with warm tones. Enjoy her!
  7. RG chaine d’ancre ring, RG mini clous cuff, B30 etain with RG and mini Constance RG lizard buckle belt (not pictured) IMG_5559.JPG IMG_5560.JPG IMG_5562.JPG
  8. That yucky scratch in my knuckle won’t go away!!!!
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  10. Valentine day goodies
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  11. My first twilly. When I've ordered online previously there has just been a box but this time they sent along a small orange paper bag as well.
  12. Oh whoops sorry!!
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  13. I love this! May I ask how much this costs? Thanks!
  14. Congrats! Can you post pics of the inside? I’m seriously considering this but I wanna know if it’s worth it. Thanks!
  15. There's a thread for the Kelly To Go here that answers both your questions. :smile:
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  16. Thanks Meta!
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