Hermes Kelly Wallet TO-GO

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  1. #1 Jan 10, 2020
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 10, 2020
    Hi Everyone,

    I’d love to get some insight on the new kelly wallet to go! I have seen a few photos from the pursebop article and am intrigued to know more! I’d love to see modeling photos and information from anyone who’s gotten their hands on one!

    Here is the info I’ve gathered of what I’ve seen so far:
    Pricing - 3350€ , $4175 USD
    Colors - black, etoupe
    Leathers - Epsom, Mysore chèvre

    Would love to read more! Thank you!

    Edited: PT
  2. Following this thread and have so many questions. Will it be a quota bag will it be available online etc.

    While it won't replace any bag in my closet it will certainly fill a gap for my hands-free needs as a mom. I need this WOC (and I'm not a WOC person but just find I need it)
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  4. Reposting comparison pic of the Kelly To Go vs Kelly long wallet that I originally posted here. (Credit: Image taken from reseller) The Kelly To Go is a touch longer and thicker.
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  5. Very very excited about this!!
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  6. Thank you for the comparison photo!
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  7. Great thread, dear lovefirey! :heart:
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  9. Perhaps this is obvious but I've been out of the loop for a while (I'm a new mom and pregnancy and baby has taken over my life and only getting into shopping for myself again lately!). Is the Kelly To Go a quota bag or can I just go in the store tomorrow and get one?

    This is so useful to me and it's cute!
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  10. It’s just a wallet with a strap, soon to be supposedly replacing the normal Kelly wallet. Not a quota bag but stock is still making its first arrival so as all things H, may be difficult to find for now.
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    I can't stop looking at these pics from Pursebop's IG...
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  13. Thank you, dear renet! :heart: I hope so, too! And I hope you find the Etoupe Epsom one! :hbeat:
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  14. Thank you dear crisbac!
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