What is the most that you'd spend on a handbag?

  1. Hi everyone
    I have no clue as to how much i would spend. I would have to be wealthy though, to purchase a hermes. They have lovely bags, but way out of my league. I couldn't care who makes the bag, if i like it, i like it. Although i am not known for shopping accessories in department stores. I do very much like Saks outlet though. You just don't know what your going to find. I am a big fan of IF and BJ. I am in love with the TW skull bag :smile:
    But to sum this up, and be quite frank lol i would be "dangerous", and "divorced" if i was wealthy!
  2. I don't think I'd spend more than $1500 on a bag. I haven't yet and I'm not so sure if I ever will.
  3. Hi,
    Does anyone like the Chanel Madmoiselle bag>
  4. I really like the Madmoiselle.
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  6. I think $500 would be my limit. So far the most expensive bag I've bought was a Coach Hobo for $299. It was full price. I don't think I'll ever buy another handbag full price. I like quality, but I really like bargain shopping. You can have both.
  7. I play around on eBay and hunt sales like a coon dog in the woods on a Summer night.

    I have yet to pay retail and enjoy that game somewhat.

    My range for bags tends to be $150-500.
  8. I've paid retail for exactly one bag and it was a Coach that I desperately needed for work. Everything else has been on sale, eBay, etc. My max is probably around $500 at the moment.
  9. I'm seriously looking into an Hermes Boline, and will probably spend around $5500, including tax.

    I try to limit what I but to classics with good resale value. I have a new rule as of this year that I only let myself keep 5 bags at any given time...any more and I find they tend to sit in the closet neglected. I've begun to sell off bags as I make room for new ones. I'm not really a label person; I buy what I love and what tugs my heart strings.
    Here is my "5" list currently:

    Black Celine Boogie Bag ($1150)
    Gucci Flora Jackie O Bag ($700)
    Elliott Lucca Ivory Satchel ($225)
    Blue Prada leather hobo/tote ($1300)

    And a no-name bag I bought in Spain with a beautiful tan leather grain for 320 euro. Okay, and I do have a Gucci Flora luggage set from the 1980's, as well as my first Gucci my dad bought me when I was 10. But those are exceptions to my 5 bag rule. I'll probably sell the Prada to make room for my Boline.
  10. i like that rule! maybe i should apply the 5 bag rule to myself....
    i have over 10 bags and i only use maybe 4 of them? the rest just sit in their dustbag, collecting dust.;)
    i thought about selling some of them but i just hate to part with them and i doubt they will sell for how much i paid for them. i used to buy very trendy bags and i don't necessarily take good care of them.
    i guess i should start buying bags with good resale value and pay a bit more attention to take care of them?:yes:
  11. I would say around $2000 is the most I'll pay. Of course less is better, and I'm always hunting for a bargain. Unfortunately bags like LV I just figure I'll have to pay full price for because eBay scares me. I don't buy a lot of bags though.

    Actually, I AM afraid of that, terribly afraid. I am very aware of my surroundings and if I go out at night I usually don't bring an expensive bag. Like tonight I went to run to my brother's at about 10 pm and I took just my wallet.
  12. $500 is the most I've spent so far for 2 different bags, and they were on sale down from $800 on one and $700 for another. There are a couple of LVs I have been eyeing but I'll have to finish remodeling my house ($50,000), pay cash for my new car, and have an extra $50,000 in savings before I'll spend $2000 on a purse.
  13. That's one reason I decided that if I'm going to go with a really expensive bag, I'd pick one that isn't generally known, instead of one of the bags that is widely copied and coveted by the masses. Most people aren't aware of the bolide, and that's how I like it. I think I would be too nervous to carry a Birkin most places just because of the notoriety of the bag and how it is associated with being expensive.

    I forgot to add my YSL Muse in my other post...I'm selling the Gucci to keep in line with my 5 bag rule.:p
  14. LOL...would you believe I just bought a Toyota Yaris liftback instead of the BMW I originally wanted this year so I could use part of the difference for my Hermes! DH and I have an agreement: I don't fund his motorcycles, and he doesn't fund my bags. That way we can't fuss when the other goes a bit overboard. Thank G-d I love my Yaris!
  15. When I bought my first LV I thought I was going to be sick handing my $600 cash over to the SA. Now it just keeps going up. Once you spend over $1000, it just gets easier (which is SCARY!) I haven't spent $2000 yet but I'm close. My last bag was $1920. I feel a ban coming on.