What HH bag are you wearing today?

  1. Rockin' my Athena sac.It has to be my all time fav HH bag!
  2. Today was Plum Ana w/tassel for me. :love:
  3. I've been trying to change up my bags as often as possible to get them all in rotation, so today was blueberry Jinhee, yesterday was my Gaza satchel in taupe, monday was... oh geez.. um.. I think it was actually blush Havana, and all this past weekend was VCP Havana (couldn't put it down!)
  4. Tharpe in Cordovan.
  5. Weyth tote in Cordovan!
  6. Wyeth Hobo in Cordovan worn cross body so I can have my hands free..love it..just wish the strap was thicker...
  7. I'm wearing my Dominique Hobo in I think the color is called sand? Light beigey color I'm carrying it mostly for the fun "grey" floral interior it's very spring.
  8. :heart::heart:my Saddle Ana:heart::heart:
  9. Thought about bringing out the cord wyeth tote, but it was raining so stuck with the black wyeth hobo again (over a week straight now!). He didn't mind the raindrops.
  10. My Yam Tharpe...so roomy and lots of convenient storage spots...and leather sooooo smooshy but still structured.
  11. Havana in Cordovan with a cute scarf!
  12. [​IMG]

    KP Corc. Dreary rainy weather here, so my lovely KP steps in to weather the storms.
  13. Broke out the willow green Montauk hobo in celebration of the lovely, springy weather we are having!
  14. I busted out my new GZ Trophy yesterday. I wasn't sure at first, but I now love this bag. I think with a couple of more wears it will loosen up.
  15. I love to take my bordeaux Sloane out on the weekends. It's a great casual knock-around bag and is so easy to access the contents because of its east-westness.