What HH bag are you wearing today?

  1. Took my Chalk Havana & tassel out for the first time in awhile!
  2. Used my KP corco this weekend at a artist workshop and got lots of compliments!
  3. My lovely black havana again :smile:
  4. pastis frame bag & lido wallet, both bouton d'Or
  5. My dear dear black Wyeth hobo :heart:
  6. Black Mosaique Hobo and Harlequin Lido Wristlet
  7. I'm being unfaithful to HH today and using my brand new sak silverlake convertible satchel! :whistle:
  8. Bouton D'Or Patsis :smile:
  9. finally switched from wyeth to my tcp trophy to compliment my frye cognac avas :smile:
  10. balena! I envy you, those are two of my favorites!! (that I don't own)
  11. Lorca in crystal grey patent :heart:
  12. My new Kira Hobo in Brandy. I :heart: this bag! The leather is so smooshy and TDF and smells divine.
  13. Saddle Inka with matching tassel :smile:
  14. Today was just my adorable oyster bungalow wallet...love that thing. It went grocery shopping and to the PO with me lol.
  15. I am so lame--closet full of bags and still rocking my black wyeth hobo. I DID however switch my wallet to my new VCP turnlock and received a compliment on it and how neat it was--we'll see how it looks after a month of receipts ;)