What HH bag are you wearing today?

  1. And I have a question about using key chains as bag charms on your HH bags-- where and how do you attach them? Never done this before, but I have a couple of very cute beaded key chains (gifts from my kids) that would look great on my HHs-- but they have a "split ring" and are difficult to attach and remove. Wondering what others do to make it easy to switch out the charms... ?
  2. I purchased this clippy thing from etsy *leatherprince* it works great:
  3. Oh, thank you, that's perfect! I :heart: etsy.
  4. jen -- I wish my professors had cool bags! :lol: That's a totally cute image though, of you and your students bonding through bags.

    I'm still carrying my BP Corc but silly me, totally forgot it was spring today! I think Bouton D'Or Pastis will have to come out and play.
  5. i've been carrying my GZ trophy with matching GZ pilot. love them :smile:
  6. Today is a Mosaique Satchel day – I wish those SE Pomps were made already because I need something for tonight! :lol:
  7. My Creme Dominique satchel has been stuffed with my belongings and ready for her debut!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  8. OK, I've been wearing the black wyeth hobo for almost a week straight. And I am thinking of possibly buying the euc hobo instead of the tote this spring. Have I gone crazy?! I think the design/style of the hobo might not have the longevity of the tote, but I don't care :smile: I am so in love with this bag. It's really refreshing to use a bag that's on the smaller side and I haven't worn a crossbody...ever. :love: OK, I'll shut up about it now.
  9. Today, my ruby Havana.
  10. Today I am sporting my new KP corc - I am in :heart: - she's sooo big, sooo smoooshy, so exceeded my expectations - the color is so great - the lining is wonderful - the pockets (OMG) - yes, I love this bag.

    And she's gotten 3 compliments today - everyone loves her size and color!!
  11. Rocking my Marcel today. God I love this bag!
  12. Oh, yes, isn't the KP corc just great? I freakin love that bag.
  13. Not rocking an HH bag (light blue goldenbleu tiffany) but I have been using my HH lido wallet in Bouton d'Or since I got it months ago! I'm in lurve
  14. Today is Delancey day :smile:
  15. Still the KP Corco... perfect for the rainy weather we're having.