what does your pandora creation look like?

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  1. Hubby bought the purse charm for me last night!
  2. I have the pink heart murano charm too, but it's been sleeping in my jewery box for a while. Yours is truely imspiring as I never knew that blue & red can work out so nicley together. Thank you!:biggrin:

  3. Thank you, I am addicted to pandora now, and waiting for some new charms releasing for 2014 Valentine's Day.love your two tone bracelet ! Got my tow tone purse charm after seeing your pics......Mmmmmm, also love the two tone seashell charm......it may be the next charm I need to add on mine:smile:
  4. It was by pure accident. Mom and brother bought the blue, hubby bought the red! You're welcome. Hope it goes well!
  5. Good point! Perhaps I should be more patient and wait for their next Valentine's day releases especially I haven't got very much room left on my current bracelet. I believe that I will have a two tone charm for xmas from hubby, so it really only leaves me just enough room to add 1 or 2 charms on. I'd better not to rush to complete my braclet too quick then. Thanks. :smile:
  6. It turns out really nicely. Enjoy your pretty bracelet.
  7. Thank you! I'm hoping to add more, but I think I'll need another bracelet! HAHA!
  8. just updated it.
  9. i keep my pandora simple...[​IMG]
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  10. [​IMG]
  11. So pretty! What did you update?
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    Oh, it was the one on the right - the two tone leaf charm and it is right next to the trinity dangle one. Can you see it now?
  13. Just got a new charm today - a two tone jewery box. Here is the picture of my updated bracelet.
  14. Love seeing all the fabulous bracelets! Here's my little double leather Pandora duo. Very simple.