What Do You Think of the Larger Fobs and Charms?

  1. Awww that is adorable makes me think summer and sun as I sit here in the cold and sleet
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  2. It really depends on the size of the fob vs the size of the bag it's attached to; if the bag is smaller then a large fob would only overwhelm it IMHO. The fob should also serve to enhance the bag's natural beauty as opposed to being a distraction. It's all about finding a balance.
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  3. I've got the cosmetic bag that matches your Sunglow and White set. The red crab charm DOES look great!
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  4. Thanks, I have a weakness for seaside and beach themed fobs and I have several of them. I tried them all with the sunglow preston but the red crab was the clear winner.

    I have had that experience with other fobs and bags so I often "shop my own closet" when trying to decorate a new bag. I've never bought a bag to match a fob but sometimes it just works out.

    A few years ago I picked up the adorable ice skates fob (93013 SV MC) at the outlet because it was cute and cheap - but every winter I would try it with different bags and it was big and fussy and didn't look right, and so I would put it away again. But last Christmas I tried it with my Carmine Nomad, a large, plain red bag, and it was absolutely perfect! It was like I planned it that way, but I didn't!
    IceSkatesFob_001.jpg IceSkatesFob_002.jpg
  5. Hi All, I am new to collecting Coach and don't know anything about fobs/charms. What is a classic must have? Thanks!
  6. Your little crab was adorable and really completed that beach-theme you had going with those yellow and white stripes. Even your skates fob fits that bag perfectly and really adds a lovely contrast of color. Well done!
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  7. They come out with new fobs and charms all the time and there are lots of them. In general I prefer the discontinued fobs from the boutique (retail) stores but I have a few fobs made for the factory outlets that I like a lot. Below is a pic of a MFF robot fob that decorates my new MFF gym bag - and I like them both!

    There are no "must have" fobs, there are just too many of them, and some of the old classics are really expensive on eBay and other resale sites. Just start paying attention to fobs and charms and buy what you like and can afford - but I warn you - coach fobs are just as addictive as their bags!
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  8. Id say one of the wee bags is a must but cant find one anywhere
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  9. There are so many and everyone has different tastes. You should look at these threads: https://forum.purseblog.com/threads/post-your-coach-key-fobs-here.156445/
    There are lots of drool-worthy fob pictures in them. I have an insane number of Coach fobs and there are a few I still crave. Most of my favorites are leather rather than metal. I love the animals, flowers, and the amazingly detailed fobs like the ice skates Katev has.
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    Well, I finally did it, I spent more than $100 on a coach bag charm/fob even though that was very painful for an old bargain-hunter like me!

    As much as I love fobs I usually try to pick them up inexpensively at the outlets because I usually prefer to put the money toward a bag instead of investing in a decoration - even if it is really cute (but I have been known to make an exception for robots!)

    But I loved the pictures of the grey birch willow floral nomad 55543 decorated with the multi willow floral bag charm 56721 DK C2J. It is so pretty the way that the charm makes it look like the flowers are flowing down the handle and onto the bag - but I didn't much feel like paying $145 just for the charm.

    I started looking for the charm as soon as I got the bag at the outlet in early February. The charm was no longer available on the Coach.com website but you could still order it at full price from JAX. I tried calling the outlets and learned that it was already at some of the Canadian outlets and much less expensive (I think it was around $30 or $35 Canadian dollars?) I actually called an outlet in Ontario and they had it in stock - but they told me that the Canadian Coach stores cannot ship to the USA, darn!

    So I have been watching eBay and checking the outlets but no luck - and it has stubbornly remained FP at JAX. Then I recently had the opportunity to get it at 30% off ($101.50) with a PCE order so I decided to go for it. I am sure that it will soon show up on the FOS or at the outlets super cheap (but too late for a price adjustment) now that I've bought it, but I'm that I got it.

    I received my new charm yesterday and was a bit disappointed because the dog leash clip is too small for the hardware on the bag. The charm was obviously made for the Nomad so wouldn't you think that it would fit?!

    Anyway, here is my beautiful bag decorated with her expensive charm and I think she's gorgeous, and it was still a good deal because the retail price for the bag and charm was $720 ($575 + $145) but I spent at total of $317.50 ($246 + $101.50) so it wasn't all that painful.

    The SA told me that the reason the floral items are so expensive is because the flowers have to be made by hand, so I can understand why they are pricey.
    Decorated001.jpg Decorated002.jpg 56721_bkc2j_a0.jpg
  11. I love it! By the drill down picture, I was sure it was gray! I really want the one that was given as gift with the first tea rose items. It is green and blue, but whenever it shows up on eBay, it is over $300!
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    Absolutely stunning! I'm not even a Tea Rose fan, but that is one beautiful charm!! I think you are correct about how nice it looks that the flowers are flowing down onto the bag. i may need one now, even with no matching Tea Rose exterior!

    There's a Beechwood Coach bag somewhere -- (don't know yet what it will be) waiting for me to give it its "forever" home, and this charm would be beyond perfect!

    Thankfully my birthday is in May! :clap:
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    The color changes with the lighting but it is more of a putty color than gray; keep looking and maybe you will get your special charm someday.

    You may remember that I finally got my Koi fob for a great price, so it can happen!
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    Thanks! This is my first tea rose item (except for a ring that I picked up at the outlet a few months ago).

    I don't much care for the bags that seem to be covered with flowers although I know that they are very popular. But I really like the flower accents just on the strap and fob on such a large, plain bag like the Nomad.

    And I love the way that you are planning your birthday gift early - it's kind of like eating dessert first!
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  15. I agree -- I find it's overkill with the exterior of the bags inundated with Tea Roses ... but as an accent they really shine. I didn't think about this until I just saw the zoomed in version of yours on the plain (Beechwood?) leather! Excluding the floral strap, I mean.
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