What Do You Think of the Larger Fobs and Charms?

  1. Awww that is adorable makes me think summer and sun as I sit here in the cold and sleet
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  2. It really depends on the size of the fob vs the size of the bag it's attached to; if the bag is smaller then a large fob would only overwhelm it IMHO. The fob should also serve to enhance the bag's natural beauty as opposed to being a distraction. It's all about finding a balance.
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  3. I've got the cosmetic bag that matches your Sunglow and White set. The red crab charm DOES look great!
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  4. Thanks, I have a weakness for seaside and beach themed fobs and I have several of them. I tried them all with the sunglow preston but the red crab was the clear winner.

    I have had that experience with other fobs and bags so I often "shop my own closet" when trying to decorate a new bag. I've never bought a bag to match a fob but sometimes it just works out.

    A few years ago I picked up the adorable ice skates fob (93013 SV MC) at the outlet because it was cute and cheap - but every winter I would try it with different bags and it was big and fussy and didn't look right, and so I would put it away again. But last Christmas I tried it with my Carmine Nomad, a large, plain red bag, and it was absolutely perfect! It was like I planned it that way, but I didn't!
    IceSkatesFob_001.jpg IceSkatesFob_002.jpg
  5. Hi All, I am new to collecting Coach and don't know anything about fobs/charms. What is a classic must have? Thanks!
  6. Your little crab was adorable and really completed that beach-theme you had going with those yellow and white stripes. Even your skates fob fits that bag perfectly and really adds a lovely contrast of color. Well done!
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  7. They come out with new fobs and charms all the time and there are lots of them. In general I prefer the discontinued fobs from the boutique (retail) stores but I have a few fobs made for the factory outlets that I like a lot. Below is a pic of a MFF robot fob that decorates my new MFF gym bag - and I like them both!

    There are no "must have" fobs, there are just too many of them, and some of the old classics are really expensive on eBay and other resale sites. Just start paying attention to fobs and charms and buy what you like and can afford - but I warn you - coach fobs are just as addictive as their bags!
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  8. Id say one of the wee bags is a must but cant find one anywhere
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  9. There are so many and everyone has different tastes. You should look at these threads: https://forum.purseblog.com/threads/post-your-coach-key-fobs-here.156445/
    There are lots of drool-worthy fob pictures in them. I have an insane number of Coach fobs and there are a few I still crave. Most of my favorites are leather rather than metal. I love the animals, flowers, and the amazingly detailed fobs like the ice skates Katev has.