What Do You Think of the Larger Fobs and Charms?

  1. I recently returned from a business trip to Honolulu and while I was there I stopped in at the flagship Coach store in Waikiki near the Outrigger Hotel. The shopping in that area is amazing with stores like Cartier, Prada, Rolex, and more. There are 3 Coach boutique stores in close proximity. I didn't have an opportunity to get to the more distant outlet store.

    I brought my Christmas present Coach gift card with me and the store I visited was very nice and the staff were pleasant. I saw some lovely items but I didn't buy anything, but I was again surprised by the size of many of the newer fobs. I thought that some of them were beautiful and well-made but just too big (and sometimes too expensive!) for my tastes.

    Am I just out of style? Do most coachies prefer these bigger fobs nowadays? Are other brands making these larger fobs, too?
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    Not cute imo. The buyer would have to have a connection with dinos. The size matters as well. They do add a bit of personality to the bag tho. I like charms and toggles that can be mixed and matched also on any bag if one chooses. That price is high as well. Can get 2 totes for less than that and bag accessories to boot.
  4. I agree. Though some fobs are beautiful, I'd rather put that much money toward a bag.
  5. I actually have this particular charm. :P

    What you are saying about the dino connection is true. They have been a big part of my life so.
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  6. I feel like... what kid wasn't a fan of dinosaurs during their childhood? My husband and I even codenamed our unborn child "tyrannosaurus" before we found out his gender.

    I'm in board with larger charms as long as they look good with the bag they are paired with. The big Rexy (or friends) on a regular or 36 Rogue looks edgy and I love it. The price does give me pause, though. I think I would eventually spring for one if I found the perfect colour.
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    The dinosaurs don't appeal to me much. And when I see the Coach ads with the dino fossils dancing around it leaves me scratching me head and bemused. I mean dinos are interesting, and I've been to the natural history museum and have seen Jurassic Park, but I don't see the appeal of wearing one as an accessory - but that's just me - I have no problem wearing one of Coach's Robot Fobs - so go figure! So whatever appeals to you is fine with me.

    But the size and the price of these larger fobs do give me pause, even though I like larger bags and some of them would work okay with a big fob. I think that a somewhat larger fob looks fine with my Nomad because the bag is classic and plain and a nice fob adds contrast and fun.

    And I like some of the feather fobs and also some of the rivet fobs. My colorblock workwear Rhyder 33919 came with 2 feather fobs (larger studded leather and smaller metal) and I think they look great with the bag, see the pic below. But I'm not crazy about the look of the large, studded, metal feather charm 58822 SV GD with the rogue in the pic below.

    The large feather fob is beautiful and the style meshes well with the style of the rogue, but it overpowers the bag in my opinion. I like a fob to be an accent, not the centerpiece. And I'd be afraid that it would flop and bang around and get caught on stuff and be more of a nuisance than a fashion statement. Heck, I might turn suddenly and injure somebody with that thing!

    I'm not kidding, I used to take a crowded commuter train to work and it is not rare to get smacked in the face with a backpack! And if there was a big, pointy, heavy metal thing attached to the bag, it could do some damage!

    And the large feather fob costs $295! I would be worried about damaging it, or losing it, and I would rather put that money toward a nice bag. I would like a smaller (cheaper) version of that feather fob with the rogue much better.

    I have some lovely fobs and although I have bought some of them at higher price at the boutique, usually with PCE, I got most of them at the outlet or online pretty cheaply. So they were just fun little extras to enjoy and use to personalize my bags.

    If I found one of the huge fobs that I liked really cheap I might buy it, but I'm not sure what I would wear it with. I have already returned one fob because it was expensive and too big - Mickey Mouse - and I think that I am going stick with my collection of smaller fobs for the time being.

    Again, this is all just my opinion, so enjoy your fobs and bags, whatever the size!
    Rhyder33_01.jpg 58822_a1.jpg
  8. I love the new studded feather fob, but not the size (or the price!) .....I just collect them, so it doesn't have to do with the ability to use them. I have less than 6 that I actually use and the rest are just eye candy for me. I prefer them not to be too big though, much harder to display them.
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  9. See I LOVE the combination of that large studded feather with the Rogue. But I saw smaller, paired feathers while at the store recently. We all have different tastes and it's all good! There's something for everyone.
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  10. For me it depends on the fob/charm. Bigger charms would end up on bigger bags. However two things that are making me look at non Coach fobs/charms a little more are the price and the weight.
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  11. I bought one of the large Rexy charms preloved so I got it for a good price. That said, I'm waiting to buy a Rogue because I think the charm looks best on a bigger bag.
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  12. Charms are getting bigger and bigger, not just Coach, but other designers too. I think the designers are thinking people aren't using them just as an accent but more as a statement. These days it is fun to use an extra large charm on an extra small bag. Probably someone in marketing figured out it was a great way to get us to part with more money, after we have all the bags we can use.

    It isn't really my style. It usually takes me awhile to catch on to new trends so I might like it someday. I just remember when I bought the dragonfly duffle, while I loved the huge tassel, it pulled the bag to one side and made it too heavy to carry.

    Some of the charms are really intricate, and I think that looks good, like some of the embellished dinosaurs. However, many of the charms made for factory are just huge without much detail. For at least some of them, I think they would be much cuter if they were smaller. At this point, I'm afraid to buy any of them on FOS or on eBay because I might not like their size IRL.

    I was never really tempted to get the Snoopy doll, Mickey doll or teddy bears. I can't see myself using any charm that big on a bag. They aren't just long, they stick out too much. Just like the large dinosaurs, I would only get them to display on a shelf, not to actually use.

    I don't carry huge bags so my collection of mostly older keychains and charms are best for decorating my bags.

    The prices are too high on some of them for me to consider. When I see a charm that costs more than many purses, my practical side says "why not get a purse instead?" I'm often nervous I'll lose a keychain I'm using on a bag. I can imagine how worried I would be to actually carry one of those really expensive ones out of the house.
  13. I really like them! The large Rexy charms are actually what attracted me to coach in the first place. I've had a long-term affair with adorning my bags with keychains/handmade charms etc so this current trend is heaven lol.
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  14. IMG_1486308703.372897.jpg

    Agree...Many companies besides Coach have jumped on the bandwagon. And they are pricy relative to the size of a bag by the same design house. But is Coach high relative to other fobs? Maybe not if they are limited edition or full leather. Including photo for you above to mull this over...

    P.S. I LOVE that Coach Wild Punky Rexy Dino fob. I can picture it on a pink Dinky...can't you?
  15. Hey, at least that Burberry one is 3D! Look at what LV charges just for a printed canvas square.

    (This is in Canadian dollars)


    Rexys are relatively good deals next to that.
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