What Do You Think of the Larger Fobs and Charms?

  1. I love bags charms. I have a whole bunch of them. That being said, I'm trying to get used to the larger charms. I have not purchased any yet. I love dinosaurs and own both the small original Rexy charms. I would love a leather Rexy, but I cannot get past the price. Hopefully, I can get one soon.
    Also, I love the bag charms from Burberry.
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  2. Well, I have never had to stand up for my convictions quite so quickly before! Only 20 hours after posting this thread about my concerns with the sizes and prices of the new, larger fobs and purse charms - I found myself at the outlet buying one of the new bigger charms!

    But I did remain true to my original statements. I said that if I found a larger charm that I really liked at a cheap price that I would probably buy it, and that I thought some of the big charms look good with a large, plain bag like a nomad - and they do!

    So yesterday I found the (big but not huge) 3D Butterfly charm 54987 BK FOR at the outlet for $21.75 (retail = $125) and IMO it looks great with the new bag I also bought, the Willow Floral Grey Birch Nomad 55543 DK C2J that I picked up for $215.63 (retail = $575). My new Hologram Mercer Wallet 55802 DK LH9 also goes well with the bag and charm, especially since it was only $103.12 (retail = $275).

    What do you think of the combo?
    Nomad_GreyBirch_WillowFloral_007.jpg Nomad_GreyBirch_WillowFloral_006.jpg Nomad_GreyBirch_WillowFloral_008.jpg
  3. Here is a my large (what I call) purple cousin It bag charm on my hologram market tote.
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  4. Very nice! I can't believe that charm was only $21.75! That's more than 80% off! If they can sell them that cheap, I would feel very ripped off if I had paid full price. Does it seem to be worth a lot more than the fobs that originally retailed for $38 and $58 a few years ago?
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  5. It definitely different from the traditional fobs, heavier, larger, using a variety of materials. I don't think it tops some of the really great older fobs - like the Koi fish - but it is hard to compare them because they are quite different. I really like it but I wouldn't have paid $125 for it. I think I will have to get used to the new fobs before I can decide how much I like them or not.

    But I don't like a lot of the flat, leather MFF fobs that I see at the outlet, like the mushroom - but as I said - everybody has different tastes and it's nice to have options!

    But I am very pleased with my new purchases although I am still on the fence about the hologram mercer accordion wallet, I don't much care for the coarse texture. What do you think of it with the nomad and the butterfly?

    Here's a better pic of the butterfly.
  6. Love that Nomad and butterfly combo! What a great price for the butterfly .
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  7. I love all three together, but honestly the wallet is my least favorite. Sometimes I like that coarse texture but not so much on these hologram items. I prefer the hologram soft wallet I got, with the finer texture. I like the brighter colors on mine too. I think the butterfly works very well with the flowers on the Nomad, and the hologram picks up the green of the butterfly.

    I don't think this butterfly is that big, not compared to some of those dinosaurs. I have this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Auth-coach-key-ring-butterfly-butterfly-rhinestone-used-G207-/322408106363?hash=item4b1105497b:g:bTwAAOSwHMJYNTLG I think it might be even bigger than your butterfly, even though it is from several years ago.

    When I really think about it, I think some of my older charms are a little too small for many bags. I prefer when they hang down about as much as your butterfly does.

    On another note, I'm not a fan of the darker nature of some of the recent charms. In my mind, flowers shouldn't be black. And I've never been a fan of skulls. I haven't decided how I feel about the new Baseman charms. Have you seen them? They are on Coach.com now, complete with bloodshot eyes. Is that blood dripping on Jumbo the elephant? Besides the subject matter, they are flat. For $95, I'd like to see more detail. The chain robot is more fun, IMO.

    I got the tea rose bag charm in gold/silver around Christmas. I haven't used it because it is noisy!
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  8. I have some larger charms, like the ice skates, and I think that they often look good on larger bags, but I don't like fobs that are so big that they overpower the bags.

    I am debating the hologram mercer wallet and I may return it. I don't care for the "elephant hide" texture. I have lots of wallets and even at a bargain, $103 is a lot to spend for a wallet I find ambivalent.

    I have never been a fan of skulls or blood or dark imagery in accessories although some folks like them because they are "edgy" and I haven't cared for what I have seen of Baseman. I do enjoy the robots, though, they're clever and cute - and I like some of the tea rose items; I have a tea rose pearl ring set.

    Mostly I like charms that are cute or pretty or both - but everybody has their own tastes - if i return the mercer wallet it may go to someone that loves it!
  9. I like them, but had the large butterfly that broke off from the chain within a week of use. Unfortunately, I think the charm is just too heavy for the support.
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  10. Oh dear, that would be a shame, I am glad that I didn't spend much on it! Did Coach refund your money?
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  11. Yes, this is why I remain a loyal customer; when I brought it in to a store, they refunded my money, no questions asked. I'll definitely be on the lookout for any more tea rose styles!
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  12. I love the bigger charms, I just wish they weren't so fragile. I have the pink/orange Steggy and carried it once on my Fringe Nomad and the head fell off... :sad:

    Coach replaced it, but I'm so scared to use it....
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  13. To each their own. :smile: I've got the black leather tea roses (which I personally find to be very pretty) on my Rogue as we speak, wouldn't mind a skull charm, and generally dislike cute and pink things. I'm glad that Coach has something out there for all types!
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  14. You are absolutely correct, to each their own! One of my best friends likes darker imagery in accessories. I doesn't appeal to me but I bought a black, studded coach wristlet for her and she loved it!

    And I occasionally cross over to "the dark side" just a little bit. One of my all-time favorite bags is my black legacy Bridget, and she is a bit edgy and not at all "cute and pink"! :biggrin:
  15. FullSizeRender(42).jpg
    I bought one of the large cherry fobs a few days ago. It's not the size thats a big deal but the weight of it. It's definitely heavy. I don't think it will fall apart or anything. The retail price was ridiculous at 90 bucks. I got it for 34.00.
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