What Do You Think of the Larger Fobs and Charms?

  1. I bought the Rexy charm as a keychain, never planned on using it as a bag charm. I saw someone with it on their bag though and fell in love so I added it to mine. I really like it, puts a bit of my personality into the bag in my opinion. I bought the mickey one too as an alternative to the wallet they had. I already have a wallet I used all the time and didn't see myself switching so it was nice buying the charm and still being able to add mickey to my bag. I also like to have the charms on the side where I usually put my pepper spray, so I know which side it's on and don't have to look between both sides if I need it.
  2. I love the little Rexy charms too! Looks great on your bag and I love that mickey

    I totally agree that the bag charms give you the chance to customise your bag a bit and really make it your own. I really love thinking about what charms I'll put on which bag!!
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  3. The cherries are so cute! Looks great on your bag.
  4. Thanks!
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    Were those originally full price? I grabbed the blue cherries at the last FOS and didn't even know what I was getting into, just thought they were cute. The red would have gone with more of my bags (plus, you know, cherries are red Coach!) but the blue are still cute.
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  6. The cherries are MFF
  7. Im not sure if the outlet ever had them priced at retail. I walked in the door and my eye went immediately to them. Coach trickery under the lights, they were so so sparkly!! The blue was really pretty too but had silver hardware and majority of my bags are gold hardware.
  8. That's what I thought but wasn't for sure

    I probably have more gold hardware too. When I logged into the sale the red were sold out and I like the blue, just would have preferred the red. I have bags it will work on, and they are super cute, so I'm OK with them.
  9. The Coach outlet at shoppes of bluegrass had plenty of both colors. I'm not sure if you can charge send but you could give it a try. Good luck!
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  10. The Fendi Karlito charms can go well over $1000 and some Hermes charms, such as the metal breloque charms, which are out of production, can often be seen selling for over $2000 on eBay... I agree that the charm should not cost more than the bag it is on unless there is an aesthetic pairing that is truly stupendous.
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  11. I'm kinda in between, The really big charms are not practical for me in size nor price point, but i also like charms with some size too. I currently have shearling poms on my bag so they are fairly substantial, but light lol.

    I think often folks move onto charms when they feel 'full' in the bag department. That said some of the price points are rather scary across the brands for them. I'd be worried they'd get wreaked and/or lost.
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  12. Out of curiosity I just weighed my 3D Butterfly Charm and it is only 3 ounces, so that's not too heavy.
  13. I love the leather Mickey Mouse bag charm
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  14. Personally I don't get the dinosaur stuff but my OH loves them what boy didn't like dinosaurs!! As for big bag charms I have a huge lobster from mulberry many many years ago may even have been Stuart vevers era there - never understood why lobsters then either!!! And never used it lol
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    I have had that experience. I buy a fob because I think it is adorable and then can't find a bag for it; but if you wait, sometimes the perfect bag comes along when you aren't even thinking about that neglected fob. Several years ago I picked up the red patent crystal-eyed Crab fob 92705 because I thought it was cute; but it is not my zodiac sign and I although I tried it many times with several bags - it never was a good fit. And I never understood my attraction to a crab either.

    But then I fell in love with the huge Preston Bleecker Striped Coated Canvas Large Preston in Sunglow and White 30173 SV CMD and suddenly my almost forgotten crab had found the perfect home - so you never know!
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