What are you getting before the next price increase?

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  1. Nothing for me. I just got Galliera PM and Aquarelle bandeau last week. My next purchase is the Watercolor Speedy VVN. Unfortunately that won't be until after the increase. So now I'm guessing the Watercolor Speedy will be in the $1280 range.
  2. I picked up the Damier Speedy 30 today. Wasn't sure if the price increase was going to hit Canada but didn't want to take the risk since I knew I wanted this bag!
  3. I'm debating. I don't know if I'm going to get a mono Petit Noe or a bag by another designer on Tuesday. I've been eyeing both for awhile. I wasn't planning on getting the Noe until the end of May but now...
  4. I just bought the mono zippy coin purse
  5. I am thinking I should get a Suhali Lockit MM in Black. I have been eyeing it for a long time so I guess it's better to get it sooner than later with all these price increases that keep happening. Oh, I want to get a MC zippy coin purse in black
  6. i want a palermo pm, epi bowling pn and an azur speedy and wallet!
  7. I was thinking of something in Damier Ebene...but not now, like maybe Christmas (spent way too much lately). Plus, I just got my beloved Chanel (jumbo classic flap) before their impending price increase hits! So nothing for me now! How much of an increase will it be?
  8. I'm not getting anything before the increase.
    There will always be something that I want and there will always be price increases, so I'm just going to get what I want when I want it. If that makes sense :smile:

  9. I changed my mind. Now I'm thinking of zippy coin purse or wapity. Or both. :graucho:
  10. Im getting my Monty GM and Galliera PM on Monday. Yeah. I was goind to wait until I get to Paris but now I need to get it bf 4/17.
  11. I sent for a Marguerite Bandeau in black, and a Watercolor Bandeau in white, from Macy's NYC!!!! I am really thinking about the Margurite in green too~ these make GREAT gifts!
  12. I picked up a wallet for my mom and mini lin speedy.
  13. So many things...So little time !!
  14. I got a little thing today before the price increase. Damier cles!
  15. mc white business card holder OR mc white zippy coin purse.