What are you getting before the next price increase?

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  1. I picked up a Monty GM today from LV Somerset in Troy. I was planning to buy it next month coz I just bought a bag last month, but then the price increase came around, so I had to get it. :smile: Next.... try to get DH to buy me a Damier Neverfull GM from Hawaii....
  2. I think I'm going to order the Monty PM now.
  3. How much will the Monty PM be after the increase? I'm not supposed to get another bag until September (got a Gucci in February, Chanel 3 weeks ago) but I really want the Monty as my everyday bag. This is driving me insane !!
  4. Not sure when and if the price increase will be coming into effect here in Australia, but I'll need to get some luggage tags and an agenda soon!
  5. I'm going tomorrow to get the Neverfull GM or MM, not sure which size I want yet.
  6. Well I caved in and I thought I buy some accessories since I just got the Galliera PM 2 weeks ago. I just bought the mini Damier Azur pochette and the Watercolor bandeau. :tup: I can't think of anything else in terms of bags since I have the Palermo PM and Tivoli PM too. Any suggestions for bags? I prefer something different from the monogram and a shoulder bag too.
  7. I picked up my bon bon just in time
  8. Nothing. I'm a bit turned off by all the increases..........
  9. i got a pomme agenda !!!! im getting it today but the fedex guy isnt here!!!! AAGHHHH
  10. Shoot... I CAVED despite my best efforts and finally got the Grenade Zippy Coin Purse (had to have some Grenade item) and the Damier Poche Cosmetique (to round out my Damier accessories).
  11. MC black zippy wallet
  12. sad i cant get anything:crybaby: congrats on yr RECENT purchase:tup:
  13. I caved and got the MC white zippy coin purse. :love:I called around in NJ and each store only had 1.........so I got it out of fear:roflmfao:
  14. I got black MC Zippy coin purse and brown Desmayo sunnies.
  15. I got the Monty GM yesterday and the Tivoli GM today...*sigh*