What are you getting before the next price increase?

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  1. So with the price increase scheduled for next Thursday, what is everyone planning to get before the prices go up?

    I think I'm going to try to find a Trevi PM (but it's been unavailable for the longest time), a red Epi Jasmin and either an ivory or grenade epi zippy coin purse.
  2. I've been so confused! :confused1: Wasn't planning on a major purchase for a while. Couldn't decide whether to go ahead and order a Galliera PM or get a few smaller (individually less expensive) things. I ordered the Galliera tonight from eLux but........ I've let myself feel pressured because of the price increase and I'm not feeling excited. Yet.
  3. There's sooo much I want...LOL! I want Neverfull MM, Ludlow wallet, Mini Pochette Accessories, Aquarelle Bandeau, etc, etc, etc. I guess I'd better start narrowing it down!
  4. How much is the increase :O
    I want an azur wallet - should I get now??
  5. I can't believe there's another increase already.

    I'm going to get a wallet for my mom's Mother's Day gift and I'm probably a cles for my bestie. I hope she doesn't read this or there goes her surprise gift. :sweatdrop:

    I really want to pick up a Mini Lin speedy while I'm there but I'm worried about not having enough for the VVN Watercolor speedy... I guess it'll have to wait till after the increase. :sad:
  6. Going to pick up a damier ebene speedy 30 next week!
  7. Monty PM!
  8. Well... I want a Galliera PM, Mono Speedy 30, Azur Cles, T&B Complice....

    In reality I am probably only going to get one of the smaller items, either the cles or the complice. I don't know if I should rush to get it before the price increase though or take my time in really deciding whether I need/want them.
  9. I since I just sold my wallet I am going to get a White MC Koala wallet
  10. I'm gonna get the Monty GM for now. I'll be in Europe (Paris) next month and I will get the Tivoli GM over there. I hope the price over there do not increase.
  11. I'll get the Bronze Mahina wallet and the Conspiration Pilotes Sunglasses this coming Mon.:supacool:

    So glad that I already have the Trevi PM in my hands. :sweatdrop:
  12. I'm thinking about the grenade zippy coin purse.
  13. i'm thinking about neverfull mm & speedy damier speedy 30 & key and change holder. is the key and change holder very helpful to have?
  14. I already spent too much this month, so I probably won't get anything. But if I can somehow swing it financially, I'd love to get either a Palermo PM to use as a summer tote, or a pomme vernis zippy wallet.
  15. Tivoli PM
    Pochette cosmetique
    MC zippy coin (hopefully)

    Other than that, I'll get the vernis alma and I'm done for this year.