What are you getting before the next price increase?

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  1. S
  2. Well, I honestly thought nothing! But then I couldn't resist that darn MC Zippy Coin Purse (too adorable) in Black. I just had to get one!
  3. Probably around $775.
  4. ordered a monty gm today!
  5. Got the Azur Speedy 30 today.
  6. Caved in and ordered the Monty PM earlier this afternoon and it's already shipped ! :yes:
  7. Ordered the galleria today :heart:
  8. i got trevi gm, mon monogram speedy , and regular speedy 30
  9. I wanted to get a damier speedy today but was too busy...i think the price will go up by tomorrow...*sigh*
  10. Oh, well. I have to edit my post. The Galliera PM became available on elux and I couldn't resist. Ordered it on yesterday. :yahoo:
  11. Thank god the prices didnt go up that much, I want the monty gm