1. Just an update - after I exchanged another email with RLL, they decided to offer a one time exception to allow me to return a final sale. I'm so glad they did and wanted to make sure to tell you all!! =
  2. That sucks soooo bad! I hope your able to do something about it!!!
  3. I was gonna buy a fendi bag which is on sale but after reading it, I might just skip it since I'm not totally insane with this bag and to be just on the safe side and escape the whole trouble if finding whether its authentic or not. But I might purchase some Juicy Couture swimming suit :smile:
  4. wow that's scary.
    i would never know the difference between a real or a fake and i know a lot of others probably don't. it sucks to think about how many people might have bought stuff from RLL and don't even realize what they're wearing isn't real D:
  5. I just bought a pair of Fendi shoes from Ruelala, now with all this thread I was afraid it'll be fake ... I will see when the stuff is coming and keep post it.
  6. well good luck, hope its not fake thou.
  7. I just bought one from ruelala, received it yesterday and have this knot in my stomach that I paid for a fake bag. I will post pix soon - hopefully someone can help identify if it's fake
  8. I just bought one from Rue LaLa also and am wondering if it's fake.
  9. Let's hope your stuff is the real deal...
  10. It seems real but the serial number has letters in it and I thought the serial only had numbers. Thanks! Hope to find out soon!
  11. I got it authenticated in the authentication forum and it's legit! You can chk out my post in that forum. I also called a fendi botique and told them my issue and they said not to worry purchasing from rll. I'm sooo glad!
  12. Oh, you're making me feel better! I'll check your post. Thanks!
  13. I saw your post, so you received a certificate of authenticity card? I did not receive one w my bag.
  14. It's not really an authenticity card - it's more of a tag. The SA at the fendi store confirmed that they do not have an authenticity card so you shouldn't worry
  15. Thank you for all your info! I really appreciate it.