1. I did speak with someone in Rue La La's corporate office. She really was very nice. They have agreed to accept the purse back and issue me a full refund. They want members to have positive experiences while shopping with them.

    As far as authenticity goes, they still claim this purse is 100% authentic. I can only go by what the knowledgeable experts here tell me.

    From now on I will be extremely careful shopping the members only sites, and if I do happen to make a purchase I will come here for authentication immediately. I would encourage others to do the same.

    I will post again confirming a credit to my charge card actually has been made.

    Thank you again to the well-informed authenticators on this forum. Your expertise is invaluable.
  2. As someone who received 3 Fendi purses from Ruelala that I was sure were fake - I cannot believe that their items are 100% authentic. They also need to change their return policy so that you always get your money back instead of store credit.

    What about all the other people they sold those Fendi bags to? They should give all those people their money back.
  3. RR - I was really surprised by the bag being non-authentic.

    In a few cases we have come across Online sellers who sell both authentic & non-authentic bags -- a mix -- this was the case of Diabro.com a few years back & they just stopped selling FENDI bags finally.

    Clearly RLL is getting these FENDI bags from a source that is not FENDI or an Authorized FENDI Retailer, and ultimately it may tarnish their reputation if more of these bags show up. :sad:
  4. As promised, Rue La La did refund my credit card for the full amount plus shipping.

    Thank you again to all of the expert Fendi authenticators.
  5. I am glad that you got a refund, but I am really surprised that Rue La La would put themselves in a position that they might be purchasing replicas. I consider this a strike against them.
  6. I think they are in it somewhat for the instant dollar and they don't really care about the customer much.. I recently bought a D&G watch off there and the battery was dead when I opened it! And it cost me $30 to get it repaired properly..
  7. oh no..i was just about to order a Gustto from them. i think i need to step back and stop buying from third party resellers. ugh!

    glad you received a refund.
  8. wow I am SHOCKED that RLL would do this. I check their site daily for deals, and buy from them on a regular basis. I may have to rethink this...
  9. glad you got your refund, i'm never buying anything gucci/fendi from RLL now.
  10. I only bought a MK bag from them, which looked good. But how about jeans? are they authentic? I buy tons of jeans from them, Diesel, sevens, james jeans, etc. I may have to be more careful now.
  11. and now reading all the posts about fake bags, I'm very worried!!! The bag costs $1400, and it's final sale! It also doesn't state if the bag is new or used. I sent them an email asking if the bag is new and if it proved to be a fake, would they accept a return and I'm still waiting for their reply.
  12. I had purchased from Rue lala before. Call them directly and explained the situation. They will refund you. I had purchased a jacket last year from final sale and the item came defective (one fur collar was missing) They did credit it back to me fully. Good luck.
  13. If I'm remembering correctly, a coworker purchased a pair of Michael Kors sunglasses from Rue La La about a year ago. She loved them so much she decided to get another pair in a different color from the Michael Kors boutique. She brought her glasses in with her and promptly found out that her glasses were a well-crafted fake.

    Since then, I've been cautious about purchasing anything from Rue La La. These stories don't help :sad:
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    Did you buy a peakaboo from their last sale? I bought the de jour bag. I don't even like it x, but after reading this thread, I might just try to get a refund. I'm worried about the authenticity now and if there's a question, x
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