1. Sigh - that's terrible. Makes you wonder where it's 'safe' to shop.
  2. I think your is Authentic! I compared to my bag that I purchased from Fendi and everything is right. I do however think you got a bag that didn't pass Fendi quality inspection, hence that's why it probably got sold on RLL for a discounted price!
  3. I bought a fake Rolex from their site recently and am still looking for a response.they are selling fakes
  4. I am sorry this happened to you. Thank You for sharing your story, I will be more alert when I buy from there.
  5. what happened what was the outcome/..i justbought one and Rolex told me it was a fake...Need Help well we need to Help each other....
  6. WOW!!!! i could never believe that they would do that I thought they were reputable
    i am in shock that so many people have purchased FAKE items from them
    i just bought a ROLEX AND AFTER WAITING 2 monthds i get it and now its a FAKE
    not a good look
  7. what is the bag's makers just do it a bit differently sometimes? I don't know how much they do these by hand, so maybe the computer accidentally sew few inches to the left etc. and the quality checkers didn't think it was that bad :shrugs:
  8. I wrote to corporate as customer service was no help,and they gav me free shipping pick up and a full refund.
    You have to write to corporate,as its a final sale item.meredith was extremely pleasant and helpful to deal with.
    Let me know how it goes or i can pm you her email id.
  9. Well I got a full refund, and they also gave me free pick up shipping.

    just contact corporate they are very helpful.

    hope it helps
  10. thanks I sent email and I will call today to speak to Meredith,,,I will keep you updated
    I believed in Rue La La...bought other items from them not this expensive...but I will never TRUST them again........I will save up money and buy directly from ROILEX they also sell pre owned and give a 2 year warranty or maybe i will just stay with my Timex....LOL:smile:
  11. Thanks really Thanks..........will keep you updated going to call soon......Kepp me in your thoughts!!!!!!
  12. i have her email....how long did it take for reply ....i sent my email yesterday 11am
  13. She replied within 2 days
  14. Thanks for your support I spoke to Corporate and I will return watch for full refund $3900...Not sure when I will ever be a Trustworthy Rue Customer again ...Its like being allergic to shrimp you see it you want it but you know what the ALLERGIC reaction was the last time you ate it......Think I will remove them from my shopping list......anything over $50 is to much to spend at Rue......thanks again for your support
  15. Their service as gone downhill as of late. I used to be a loyal RLL customer, but they indicated there was some "transition" lately. I ordered some shoes in May with ETA of June 11th, but didn't receive them until June 28th. When I called on June 11th (or around then), I was told that they didn't know the status. That's poor business practice. They should always be able to find out the status of an item they're selling. Mine wasn't the only one. Another of my friends ordered around the same time and the same thing happened with the shoes she ordered (different shoes). She ended up purchasing locally and returning the ones RLL from instead.

    Then, I purchased an item that was considered final sale. Normally, their photos are accurate, but this time, the photos were so far off in color, that I don't think my monitor is to blame. The shoes in the photo showed dark brown tones (overall a brown tortoise look) whereas the shoes I received were contrasting dark brown and beige. They also smell strongly of glue or something else that seems like it might be toxic to breathe. I contacted them to see if they would accept the return because of the difference between the item photos and the actual item and they declined.

    Too bad because I had been a loyal customer until now. When I finish off using my credit with them, I'll be done. :shrugs: