Waiting for Contessa's reveal support group

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  1. I think you certainly will be. lol

    They are VERY well behaved and very cute. If I ever have any I can be sure they'll be a disaster. lol

    Aftermarket or not you are a knockout. If anyone needs help, I have plenty to share. lol
  2. I wholeheartedly agree with you. It's the damn media's fault!!! Ever heard of "thinspiration"? I know a few girls that have pics of Kate Moss or models showing their bones and ribs as inspiration to lose weight because they think it's the "ideal" body.

    I am also VERY sensitive about my weight!!! As a former fat girl (yes, I'm not kidding! I weighed over 180 lbs at one point! I'm 5'7" but still, that's OVERWEIGHT!). I still have some issues with my body and I watch what I eat like crazy to keep myself from ever getting back to that point, but I know the ways I do it are unhealthy. I also didn't know this back then, but now I know that most (if not all) pictures in magazines have been photoshopped =( So the body types the media portrays are barely even attainable!
  3. Contessa, that is GORGEOUS! It looks like a flower in bloom from the side!!

    Okay! I will gladly take you up on that! :biggrin:

    BTW, I am flat as a board and I want aftermarket parts too! HAHA. That's really cool how you are so open about it. I think that's really amazing how in charge and comfortable you are with your body!!

    Sooo. . .where are some new pics of your ring/set??
  4. Oh god if you tihnk 180 at 5;7" is bad I won't dare tell you my weight... And I carry it ALL in the middle.
  5. So I'm WAY late in commenting, but OMG Contessa!!! Your ring is beautiful!
  6. Love that you worded it as "after market". Lol DF always claims that he doesn't like after market but when i see the pictures of his exes I'm like liar! Haha
  7. HAH! I think DH would only care if they looked wonk or really fake. lol DH is a boob man. Too bad for him that mine are epic fail.
  8. What is up with men and boobs. Seriously. They're just large nodules of fat that babies nurse from. THAT'S IT.
  9. and aren't attractive AT ALL.
  10. Can I just say that I have been SUPER busy at work and haven't had much time to type here, but I am TOTALLY enjoying this thread. It's hilarious!

    Kohl, for some reason I assumed you were teeny tiny!

    I think you all have smaller fingers than me, I think my ER is 5.75 and my WR is 6? I'm 5'8" and have really long hands. I deserve better finger coverage!!
  11. HAHA! You wear the same as me in finger size. I do wish that with weight loss that they would go down but my knuckles are a freak show.
  12. Teeny tiny? Noooo. Haha ;) I'm quite tall for an Asian girl!

    ame - I have NO CLUE what you're talking about!!!
  13. The first picture is just to show the little heart that I always get to see looking straight down into my diamond.
    Ok, so I got a little carried away with fire shots :smile: I just can't help it. I just can't believe I lived without fire for 5 years! Well more than that, my first diamond had ZILTCH in the fire department.
    I'm loving the new head with the double prongs. My ring looked too big and squatty with a six prong. Now the diamond looks smaller but with more presence, which is perfect for what I wanted.

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  14. This thread is lots of fun! The "after market" posts kill me!

    Apparently, I found out today that my DH had something to do with the design of my ring! He asked whether it could be made to resemble a flower since I love them & specialize making them in glass

    Whadda guy! He's not feeling at all well right now (& for the past 3 weeks has been hospitalized twice), so this makes it even more special :love:
  15. :biggrin:

    My hubby is a butt man. He was really against the after market parts (lol) until I made him go clothes shopping with me to show him how even my water bras weren't doing the trick..lol. He reluctantly gave in. He loves them now for the confidence they bring me in that clothes do fit better, and I feel more feminine, but he's still not at all a boob man.