Waiting for Contessa's reveal support group

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  1. LOL. Yes, but I think I am saying this because I'm jealous I don't have any!!!

    I remember thinking "yuck, why would anyone get a boob job??" but after watching Dr 90210 (lol, yes, very profound research), I realized that it happens to give people that extra boost of confidence that makes it worth it!! People may do it for vain reasons, but I think if it heightens your self esteem, then why not??? So since then, I've been more open and accepting of these procedures ;)

    I was considering "body sculpting" where they remove your fat and redistribute the removed fat in other parts so it's more "natural". . .but I read that it doesn't stay. Oh well, even if I ever do this, it wouldn't be for a VERY long time!!
  2. I used to work at a Breast Clinic where women went to be treated for cancer diagnosis and reconstruction. I won't go into details, but I support a woman's decision involving making herself look and feel better. And technology has only gotten better with time.

    Hey....we need to start a support group for boobs, tummies, and tushes! (and tie it in with Jewellery somehow!)
  3. ITA!! :tup:
  4. I fully fully support breast implants for women who have had cancer treatments. I once had a guest speaker in my class come in and show us openly that she only had one breast. The other was a stuffed half bra to match. It was incredible to hear her speak.

    As for the support group my first thought was of jewelry that goes on those parts lmao!
  5. Im all for whatever makes a girl happy. And to make it jewelry related just get the newly upturned nipples pierced. Diamond Hoops!
  6. :nuts::roflmfao::roflmfao::lolots:
  7. :faint::lolots:
  8. And the matching belly button piercing after the tummy tuck! haha
  9. Yes! BRILLIANT!
  10. If I glue glitter and rhinestones to my tattoos..can I play too ?? :amuse:
  11. Yes!!!
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