Waiting for Contessa's reveal support group

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  1. Awww...that is so sweet he had a part in the design! And it totally does resemble a flower!!
    I'm so sorry to hear he has not been well :shucks: I will send well wishes your way!
  2. WOO HOO it's STUNNING SK! What a knockout!!!

    OMG y'all stop with the "my fingers are so big" - I wear a size 7! :sad:

    SK - LOL I've had 2 girls too and am not ready to surrender looking half way decent in a bathing suit just yet... I'm only 38! :shocked:I might PM you!!
  3. That's just it - I never thought I'd consider "after market action" LOL... but I just want to look like I did BEFORE babies! Especially in the tummy. A tummy tuck might be in my future... and maybe a little reno upstairs too? I think it definitely would make me feel more feminine! (just small ones though! Like Kate Hudsons!)

    Love this thread!
  4. Thanks SK :hugs:

    He didn't get overly involved as he knows me well enough to not meddle too much ;)

    SK, your ring is GORGEOUS. The fire in that stone is something else. You're happy with this setting?
  5. I had 2 sections, so believe me, my regret was NOT arranging for plastics to come down to the OR after my son was born. My colleague was smart enough to arrange that and has no regrets.

    While I exercise & look "ok", it's never going to be the same. Hence the jewel consolation prizes :biggrin:

    But tell me Ladies......invest in plastics? Or get another bauble?? LOL!
  6. Thank you!

    Yes. Well as happy as I'm going to be..lol. For some reason DH is really attached to it. I'd love a totally different setting, something daintier, more unique, more "antique/vintage", but a new head was all I could get away with. It was enough to make me love my ring again and he is still very happy as well. :love:
  7. I hope your DH feels better. that's so sweet of him to do that for you and surprise you. It makes it even more meaningful!
  8. I like the change in the heads of the setting better too. And how do you manage to capture those fire shots! I'm terrible at them and the only time I catch them is by chance! haha

    My DF is a butt and legs guy! (though i seriously think he is barking up the wrong tree with me on that! haha) He is really attracted to the way certain women walk? and i guess he liked my walk enough to ask our friend to meet me.
  9. LOL! I had two sections too but we're thinking of going for 3 and my OB said you couldn't do that!! I'm getting a second opinion - your friend had a tummy tuck right after her delivery?? That would be awesome!

    My doctor did tell me because I had some muscle separation she can try to hook me up with OHIP (ie: it would not be out of pocket - Canadian healthcare)... so I think I would go for it! Still on the fence about the boobs... but very very tempted! do they hurt? (wow we're way off topic here - feel free to PM me back if we're boring other people!! I would love to chat!)

    I just want to be able to wear all my old clothes without people thinking I'm 3 months pregnant if I don't stand perfectly straight... :pout:
  10. Baubles! For me at least. Because I'm terrified of needles and I've heard there is some maintenance for plastics depending on what type you get too. But I could be wrong? Your friend was lucky! That is the only way I think I would consider it, if they knock me out and do it all at the same time and I don't know. But even then I'd be terrified!

    I'm crossing my fingers, toes and anything else I can to inherit my mom's genetics in the after baby department! I'm one of three siblings so my mom had four total, all naturally born, no c section, no epideral.... and here is the crazy part! She is 5'1 and 90 lbs! But oppositely my grandmother was a stick when she got pregnant and blew up and never went back down... so here's hoping!
  11. BOOBS! They're ugly.

    I hope he starts feeling better. Hospitalization is not sounding good at all.
  12. I'm gonna pm you. I have muscle separation too..really really BAD.
  13. It's hard to imagine you not getting fire shots with that diamond of yours!!!

    I don't know..I'm just going to sound like a big photo nerd if I go into it..lol. First off I have no idea how to get a fire shot with a point and shoot, but then, I've never tried. If you have a DSLR, one key is to raise the aperture as high as possible. Same is true for sun flare. You need a high f stop (ie f18 or higher) to get nice flare. I think my ring shots were taken around f29, partially because I'm using my macro lens, but also trying to catch the fire's "flare".
    Another part is just to move slightly till you see the fire and focus and shoot. But once again I'm using a dslr looking through the viewfinder, so what I see is what I capture. If you are using a point and shoot this isn't necessarily the case.
    With a point and shoot I would say make sure the iso is as low as possible (if you can adjust it) which will help the camera shoot more closed down (higher apertures). Use the macro setting and fire away like mad just adjusting your position every so slightly...like only millimeters of movement. :smile:
  14. that actually makes lots of sense! Haha but I never went fully into the digital trend so never invested beyond a point and shoot. My iPhone actually embarrassingly captures fire better.

    My dad was a professional photographer and I learned a lot. But mostly he stuck to film when everyone went digital. He is now doing it for fun and mostly shoots scenic large format. I loved playing with his toys when I was younger.

    My brother in law is fully into the dslr cameras though. My laziness doesn't allow me to because I figure it weight I don't want to carry in my precious purse space or around my neck. Eventually maybe I'll jump in! I'll have to steal or borrow one to get decent pictures then!
  15. Your rock is HUGE and it is so brilliant in the sun!!! In the second pic, it looks like your diamond is on fire!!! I love it - what a lovely set! :cloud9:

    TOO CUTE!! That is what a perfect DH would do - and that's what you have! It also adds that special element of customization that makes it uniquely "yours" and "his"! What a lucky girl you are!!!

    I hope he feels better as well. . .funny that my DF was also hospitalized this past weekend. He's much better now, thankfully, so I hope the best for your hubby. :hugs: