Waiting for Contessa's reveal support group

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  1. Seriously..I'm getting an ulcer. And I'm eating all kinds of crap waiting in suspense. (snickers, pizza rolls, coffee cake, nachos, devils food cake cookies, ect). :sick: Wait..maybe that's why my stomach hurts :graucho:

    I NEEEEED to see this ring so I can go to bed with a clear head..lol.
  2. Hahahhaa, that's what ends up in my stomach during finals time!! :shame: I know, the suspense of waiting for this ring is KILLING ME. I can't wait to see this beauty! I got some preview shots of the setting, and can only imagine how gorgeous it will be with her diamond set in it!!

    Though I think with a diamond like Contessa's, it can be set in gold wire and still look perfect!!
  3. Ugg..finals time. Yeah, I at a LOT of food I could eat with my hands without looking. Cheezits, Doritos, Fritos, pumpkin seeds,bads of doughnuts, candy bars, more candy bars..lol

    I've never seen Contessa's ring or diamond. I didn't see it before, nor did I see the mock-up for the setting. Or at least I don't think I did. I think thats why I am so excited, because it's like this glorious mysterious thing to me.
  4. SERIOUSLY. It's there, it's ready, she just has to fight traffic and get home!
  5. This is the best thread EVER! Waiting on pins and needles. I know her DD was picking it up and that she wouldn't get it until after work.
  6. I think I'll subscribe to the thread.
  7. Ooo you haven't seen her diamond? I'm sure you have! It's her e-ring diamond set in the beautiful double prong setting. There was a pic of her ring in the artsy thread where her diamond threw off the most beautiful rainbow of colors :girlsigh: It has to be one of my favorite pics ever!! Her diamond made me question whether I wanted a yellow or colorless diamond. . .hehe.

    I love cheezits!! And mmn. . .candy bars. I think I'll raid the pantry :graucho: You're such a bad (but tasty) influence! LOL
  8. LOVE you guys!!! (SK, :smooch: )

    Of course, my family is bombarding my time LOL and like Whoops, I cannot stop staring at my hand!!!!!

    Total perfection!!!! Very reminiscent of Harry Winston. It's massive and I am speechless.

    Ame, I took a jeweller's loupe to it right away!!! It's PERFECT! ;)

    I'll write more in a bit later tonight, but didn't want to keep you all waiting. I love you Ladies You make me want to cry! (or is that my new ring?! LOL!!!!)

    I cannot believe this is my RING!!!!!






  9. :drool: WHOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO..now I gotta go look at it more and then post again..lol
  10. O. M G. It's spectacular!!! Wow...what a sparkler! I do remember everyone telling you not to halo it, but I think it's perfection on your hand! It looks amazing with your wedding band as well.
    I'm glad it's perfect...maybe I need your jeweler..hehehe.
  11. SK....for you




  12. wow! Its gorgeous! Congrats! It looks amazing on your finger and so so sparkly!! :balloon::balloon::balloon:
  13. OMG Contessa! It was well worth the wait! I know I'm a halo lover, but your ring is breathtaking. I'm so happy for you - now you have the whole weekend to spend staring at your hand and gorgeous ring. Congrats!!!!!

    PS Thanks for posting it so quickly - we all were holding our breath waiting for it.
  14. Yay!!! Halo rings are the best! Though I'll be honest, your original left me with second thoughts when my ring arrived!

    Be careful staring too much! Trust me, I know! Haha may cause neck pain.
  15. It's beautiful!! Congratulations!! :ps::ps::ps: