VCA ~ Van Cleef Arpels Discussion thread!

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  1. How beautiful, love your collection.
  2. I tried on the pave frivole too and it would be a great everyday piece. It's not too big so it has the right bling amount! I also tried on the WG frivole which was beautiful. The metal made it shine. As you can see from a previous post, I'm leaning towards that. It's bigger & seems a bit more modern in its size, with the metal but still sweet with the diamonds in the center and the flower design.

  3. Just beautiful; that family picture--WOW! Is it weird that I have almost no interest in "real" pearls, but can't get enough of MOP?
  4. Goregous! Are the earrings easy to wear? Love the MOP!
  5. This is stunning. I love the magic Malachite. WOW! It looks so much lighter than my 20 Malachite! Love the way they have it styled. Can I ask what store this was?
    Thank you for sharing!

  6. OMG, just beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
  7. It was the store on Rue de la Paix in Paris. I saw it in Printemps too.
  8. Thank you! I thought it was Paris~ My daughter is going to Paris next week and I am going to have her check on some things for me.
  9. Hi ladies! I just wanted to post here. VCA is a bit out of my budget. But I believe in making jewelry lists and sticking and saving for them ;D

    I would really like to own a Vintage Alhambra Malachite piece. Either the bracelet or the earrings. (The pricing makes no sense to me at all!) Perhaps the lucky Alhambra bracelet. With the bracelets I am scared to beat them up. What are your experiences? I would want to wear my piece often.

    I have no problem with buying preloved. The Bay does not seem to offer a lot of Malachite pieces. (I haven't seen one in the past couple of months) I am from Europe, so buying from the USA is kind of out. Seems a bit silly to spent the money you save on import taxes.

    So, question. Are there any high end jewelry consignment stores in Europe I could go to?

    Does anybody have any experience going into a VCA boutique. I want to visit one on my holiday to try the three pieces on an see how they look. (The nearest one is two countries over) I am a bit scared they won't let me in, or something. 4000 euros is one of their 'cheaper' pieces. And I never seem to look the part. Especially not on holiday when I leave all my designer stuff at home.
  10. Thanks so much :smile:.

    Thank you! Nope, or well if it's weird then I'm in the weird boat with you so you have company :graucho:.
    Thanks :smile:.
    I think either way you can't go wrong. I have the "plain" frivole and on my wishlist but am eyeing the pave one's too. Aaah, VCA problems. Good luck deciding!
  11. very nice!! love the earrings, are they heavy? TIA.
  12. I tried the YG 10 motifs Tiger's Eye necklace today. My SA thinks it is a bit "mature looking", what do you think? :smile:
  13. Yes, on some people, it looks just as beautiful, but on some others, like your SA said. I am one that can't wear it no matter how much I love it.
  14. I was over the moon when my SA called me today and told me that my malachite pieces have finally arrived. I was supposed to wait for six months but I just waited for less than three months! I'm so happy :biggrin:

    first here are few pics of the displayed items; not much but the good pieces are hidden for the clients.



    My green beauties :heart: I never seen the malachite IRL before making my order,
    I don't believe I say this but I was a little disappointed tbh esp with the bracelet. For me it looked more beautiful in pics, but I still love it!


    I tried the new cosmo ring, so pretty!


    and tired both the onyx and carnelian. They look so good together.


    This beauty is my next purchase for sure. I own so far the frivole ring
    and now the malachite ring and bracelet. I don't own any WG pieces,
    so this is going to be my first.


    Sorry for the long post & thank you for letting me share!
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