VCA ~ Van Cleef Arpels Discussion thread!

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  1. Which one? There are different prices for the various combinations. All prices are available on the website too.
  2. Yep, he has one more on his site
  3. Thanks to everyone who responded to my q! Believe the frivole pave pendant is now 9900. Wish I had pulled the trigger before the price increase sigh
  4. Ok thought I'd share a little early morning eye candy. I bought these right before the price increase to celebrate a special event. Next to both 10 and 20 motif Alhambra necklaces that I can layer together these earrings were my dream piece so I am still quite stoked.

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  5. :nuts::nuts: They are beyond gorgeous. Modeling pictures please.
  6. Love them!
  7. Gorgeous!! Congratulations. I wish they would make the Magic 3 motif in MOP too. I would buy them in a heart beat. I love the simplicity of the MOP. I am sure you will enjoy wearing these often. They are stunning.
  8. Stunning!
  9. Have you considered the mop two motif drop earrings?
    So pretty and much more wearable than the three drop earrings.
  10. Off to an late lunch/early dinner with my family for Mother's Day. I wanted to share my arm candy with all my VCA friends. I decided to take the 10 motif YG off my wrist as it was too big and too blingy! But I would not stop at a 5 YG bracelet someday! :smile:
  11. Oops! I forgot to add the picture!

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  12. Cool :smile:

    Am jealous! Tried that and the necklace is too big to wear as a bracelet :sad:
  13. So beautiful!! Love the Perlee bracelet especially!!! One of my dream VCA pieces one day.
  14. I honestly have not tried them on. But something about the chain between I just don't love. If the motifs were closer together I probably would be more drawn to the 2 motif. Do you think the 3 motif is too dressy and the 2 motif can be worn more everyday? I am 5'9" have long hair and I think I could pull off the 3 motif. I just don't like the 3 different stones mixed together. This is why I think a 3 motif MOP would be perfect. I really need to go and try both styles on and see how they look worn.
  15. Wowza!!