VCA ~ Van Cleef Arpels Discussion thread!

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  1. Very personal decision.
    A friend insisted that I borrow her three motif earrings for dinner one night and I find them very dressy.
    I really prefer these long earrings with hair pulled back so I may not be the best person to offer an opinion.

  2. Gorgeous stack!!
  3. Just FYI.

    There's a new style in the malachite. Looks like the magic Alhambra necklace. Different sizes of motif in one necklace.

    They're out of stock in Paris on the porcelain at the moment. But it is supposed to be a special item for the Vendome store and a permanent piece for now,
  4. Is this the malachite long magic necklace?
    I heard that they were going to offer it but haven't seen one, yet.
    Sounds gorgeous....
  5. Congratulations!!!
  6. Wow so pretty, Congrats! I've always thought that VCA and Cartier compliment each other :heart:33

  7. This is too pretty!! I think I just faint... ;)
  8. Found a window display of the magic malachite.

    Attached Files:

  9. It is finally here!!! My Perlee Singature in YG....

    Attached Files:

  10. Oh wow. So incredibly gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing.
  11. Congratulations!!
  12. i love everything about this window. You are awesome to share!
  13. beautiful stack!
  14. Thank you!! A modeling pic as requested and a shot of my little VCA family.
    IMG_1056 (640x480).jpg
    IMG_1079 (480x640).jpg
    Thank you!:smile:

    A 3 motif Magic would be lovely, maybe one day! I'm a bit MOP obsessed because its simple and the luster is very special. My plan is to wear these as often as I can.

    Thank you!:smile:
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  15. Thank you so much!:smile: