VCA ~ Van Cleef Arpels Discussion thread!

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  1. A continuation of this thread.

    Please post all things VCA in this thread; questions, photos, VCA chat . . .
    But please, NO authenticity questions here.
    **remember there's absolutely no buying or selling on tPF!**

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  2. I haven't come across these in a boutique, so I'm wondering how these wear. Have any of you ladies purchased a Lucky 11 motif in turquoise and mop or the Magic 16 motif in carnelian and tiger's eye? Any thoughts on the length and versatility? Any regrets?
  3. so did VCA increased in price recently?
  4. Mine is the 11 motifs, YG/ plain MOP necklace:
    Great length and no regrets!
  5. Yup, 21 April 2014.
  6. What do people think of nid de paradis?
  7. Personally not my style but it is really unique. Never seen anything like it. The style seems like a piece one could wear everyday too, which is nice.
  8. Considering some more VCA pieces but not 100% sure the direction to go.

    I already have the vintage MOP vintage alhambra earclips and 10 motif necklace.

    I'm considering getting the frivole pendant and small earrings, small perlee hoops and 5 motif vintage MOP bracelet. This 'collection' would give me sets, which is appealing. I could wear the perlee hoops with the 10 motif. I have pave studs that would be great with the frivole pendant. The bracelet I could use with the 10 motif to lengthen, or wear with my earclips, etc.

    However, I'm wondering if I should skip all of it and put the money towards a diamond clover perlee. But I'd want to wear it everyday. Seems like I could.

    I love the idea of having lots of VCA pieces to play with but on the other hand, I do typically like to wear the same jewelry everyday so it's appealing to have one fabulous piece I'd wear all the time.

    I'm sure I'll get everything on my list at some point over the years but trying to figure out the next step. Appreciate your thoughts. Do you get compliments over a piece vs another? Do you wear certain pieces everyday?
  9. I have the magic alhambra, but i'm in love with your necklace, what is the cost of that one?
  10. I bought it in Singapore, $21900 (before 21 April 2014 price hike). :blush:
  11. That's next, I need to relax a little bit just bought a ring yesterday, since no one talked me out of it :P
  12. I really like the earrings and have them on my wishlist. I didn't love the ring and I haven't tried on the necklace. I find the design quite unique.
  13. Just beautiful.
  14. Awesome! I'm sure it's fabulous! :smile:
  15. Gorgeous